Shanxi Women's Forced Labor Camp is an evil place where female Falun Dafa practitioners in the Shanxi area are tortured. Camp officials have participated in the brutal persecution of kind practitioners for the purposes of personal promotion and to make money ever since the Jiang Zemin regime started to suppress Falun Gong. The head of the labor camp, Chai Zhiyu, and the deputy head have implemented round after round of evil persecution in order to reach their so-called "transformation" rate.

On March 24, 2006, practitioner Ms. Li Shulian was illegally arrested and taken to Shanxi Women's Forced Labor Camp by authorities from the Yanan municipal administration and the city 610 Office. Li Shulian started a hunger strike to boycott the persecution. Those in charge started force feeding her in the camp and knocked out several of her teeth. Her hunger strike lasted for more than 90 days, and she became as thin as a stick. Authorities in the labor camp tortured her for resisting their efforts to "transform" her. They tied her to a Death Bed in the chill of winter. She was there without any sheet or blanket for several days, and no one took care of her.

Practitioner Ms. Li Jingfeng from Chenggu County was "illegally sentenced" to forced labor three times, and every time was during harvest season. Guards tried to force her to wear a red vest and recite the camp rules, but she refused to cooperate. They not only beat and cursed her but also ordered drug criminal Wu Gang to watch her. Wu Gang beat and cursed her at will. In order to "transform" her, they forced Li Jingfeng to wear a very tight "restraining cloth," both day and night, that caused her great pain.

Practitioner Ms. Wang Guoying from Shiquan was already over 60 years old. For persisting in her belief, the guards refused to let her go to the bathroom. At mealtime she was forced to stand behind the door. She was deprived of sleep, and prostitutes and drug criminals watched her every move. The guards threatened her, saying that if she didn't "transform," then she wouldn't be able to see her son.

Practitioner Ms. Jiang Yan from Yanan City didn't pass the physical exam, but she was put into the forced labor camp anyway. Her blood pressure was higher than 200, but the evil people ignored her poor health and cruelly tortured and insulted her.

Practitioner Jingrong from Xian City and practitioner Caoping from Ankang City are also being held in this facility, but their situations are unknown.

List of those in charge at Shanxi Women's Forced Labor Camp:

Head of the forced camp Chai Zhiyu
Deputy head of the camp Wang Ruifeng
Team leaders of the second division Ren Haizhen and Yuan Yuan
Guards Zhang Xueni, Li Junli, Huangpu, Feng Jing, Wang Juan, Guo Xiaoni.
Shanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp second division: 86-29-86227764