(Clearwisdom.net) In August 2007 the police in Chengdu arrested 20 Falun Gong practitioners, including Ms. Zhong Fangqiong, author of the novel Weathering the Storm, and Shen Xiaodu, a grandson of retired renowned Chinese scholar (Jurist) Shen Junru.

From August 1-3, agents from the first division of Jinniu District Police Department in Chengdu City broke into Falun Gong practitioners' homes, searched them, and arrested the practitioners. The police confiscated many of their belongings. The first section of Jinniu Police Department is also the National Security Team.

The practitioners arrested on August 1 included Zhong Fangqiong, Liu Jia, Li Ruzhen and Ms. Huang's husband. Those arrested on August 2 included Jiang Zonglin, his wife, Xie Chengxin and and their daughter, Jiang Zhujun; Liu Bangcheng; and Zhu Renbin. Shen Xiaodu was arrested on August 3. On August 5, Chen Jingsong and eight other practitioners were arrested. On August 8, Xiu, a teacher at Cheng Du Music College, was arrested.

One of chief culprits, Zhou Yongkang, along with Du Qinglin, the Sichuan Province Communist Party Committee secretary, directed the whole arrest sweep.

The following are some of the practitioners' details.

Ms. Zhong Fangqiong had a blood vessel tumor but recovered after practicing Falun Gong. After the persecution was launched in 1999 she was arrested more than 30 times. She was also jailed many times and was brutally tortured. She described her experiences in the novel Weathering the Storm.

Jiang Zonglin was president of the Mingyuan Architecture Institute in Chengdu. His wife, Xie Chengxin, was a teacher at the Chengdu City government kindergarten. His daughter, Jiang Zhujun, is an English teacher at the Sichuan Music College's Art School. Jiang's family members were arrested many times after the onset of the persecution, and they were all sentenced to forced labor. Jiang Zhujun was sentenced to one year of forced labor when she was a student at the Sichuan Foreign Languages College. She was forced to undergo brainwashing and was watched by two students while forced to live off-campus. Although she had to suspend her studies for a year and a half, she was still able to pass the level 8 English exam, while one of the students that was ordered to watch her failed it.

Liu Bangcheng is a 70-year-old man. Chen Jingsong is an architect. Zhu Renbin is a young scholar. Liu Jiayuan worked as a director for an insurance company. Shen Xiaodu has been arrested and jailed many times. His grandfather, Shen Junru, was a renowned scholar and democracy activist.

Organizations and police officers involved in the arrests:

Xi'anlu Police Station
Wang Wei: 86-28-88000696
Zhu Yitao: 86-28-88155066
Jinniu Police Department First Section: 86-28-86406297