(Clearwisdom.net) On August 10, 2007, Prison Chief Wang Yongxiang held a meeting with the various prison wards at Daqing Prison in Heilongjiang Province. He forbade Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained in the prison from leaving their prison cells. He also made it compulsory for them to wear the prison uniform. If Falun Gong practitioners were found to be wearing their own clothes, the clothes were to either be torn off or stripped off. He also mentioned that the persecution should be accelerated throughout the prison. Some of the practitioners who were in No. 3 Ward were locked into small solitary cells. Their heads were shaved and they were made to wear the prisoner's uniform. Practitioners in other wards were also locked in small solitary cells, but the police sealed the news.

On August 15, Prison Chief Wang brought over twenty policemen from the riot team to the prison. They first went to the No. 7 Prison Ward. They tried to force practitioner Yu Shengquan to wear the prison uniform, but he refused [Editor's note: Because they have committed no crime, Falun Gong practitioners often protest their illegal detention by refusing the wear the prison uniform]. Thus the policemen used rubber batons to assault him and knocked him unconscious. They then stripped him of his clothes and put the prison uniform on him. Yu Shengquan was injured badly from the beatings.

That same day, these policemen went to the No.1 Prison Ward and tried to force practitioner Jiang Derong to put on the prison uniform. He also refused. The police beat him up and then locked him up in a small solitary cell. At the same time, the police also beat up practitioners Wang Yudong and Sun Yueming (his head became misshapen from the beatings). They then locked the practitioners up in small solitary cells and tortured them with the tiger bench. The same thing happened to practitioner Li Ronghong who was illegally locked up in the No. 2 Prison Ward.

On August 24, Chen Qingfa, from the Daqing Prison Political Headquarters, and Ward Chief Wang Jiaren lead the police from the riot team to search the prison. They took away the clothes and personal belongings of the practitioners and dragged the practitioners to the square outside. They had a few criminal inmates hold each practitioner to the ground and asked if the practitioner would put on the prison uniform. They refused to listen to the practitioners clarify the truth to them. The practitioners replied that they would not comply, as they were not criminals and should not be in prison. Thus, all the policemen and the division chiefs and guards from all the various teams ganged up and used rubber batons to beat the practitioners until the practitioners lost consciousness. Then they forcefully put the prison uniforms on the practitioners and had the criminal inmates drag the practitioners back to the cells.

On the morning of August 28, Prison Chief Wang Yongxiang gathered all the practitioners in the field. They forcefully stripped the clothes off the practitioners and put the prison uniform on them.

Practitioner Mr. Zhang Xingye, who was illegally detained in the No. 6 Division, took off the uniform. Division chief Bo Xuelin then stripped him of his clothes and locked him up in a small solitary cell. He was also chained to a metal chair. Another practitioner whose name was unknown was also locked in the cell.

Wang Shusheng and Dai Zhidong, practitioners who were illegally detained in the No. 5 Division, were persecuted so badly that they had difficulty walking.

Zhang Xiufeng (it was not known in which team he was locked up) was in poor health and the recent round of persecution aggravated his condition. He became very weak and had difficulty walking.

Sun Yueming was locked in a solitary cell and tortured with the tiger bench for a dozen days.

Wang Yudong was illegally locked up in the No. 1 Division. From mid August, he has been locked in a small solitary cell. There were also a few other practitioners locked up with him.

Below is a list of the personnel who have taken part in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners:
No. 4 Prison District: Bo Fanwei, Zhai Shubing, Wu Chunwen, Li Chao, Li Hongkui, Liu Guifu, Li Zhanbin
Education Prison District: Zhang Zhi, Xuan Guoying, Fu Wenchang
Service Team: Jiang Nianxiang, Zhou Guocheng, another person whose name was unknown

September 1, 2007