Falun Dafa practitioner Zheng Handong from Jianchun County Hubei Province, was persecuted to death in Shayangfanjiatai Prison on August 8, 2007; he was only 44 years old.

Mr. Zheng Handong was born in 1963 and lived in Caohe Town, Jianchun County. He used to idle about and wasted much time playing mahjong. After he started to practice Falun Gong in 1998, he stopped gambling and his other bad habits, and he became gentle and kind. People who knew him all commented that he had changed.

After July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime became aggressive in persecuting Falun Gong; Mr. Zheng endured incidents of persecution numerous times.

In October 1999, he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. After he returned home, he was held in the Public Security Bureau in Jianchun County for over a month and was was fined four thousand yuan.

In July 2000, Tang Shuwei, the director of the Public Security Bureau, deceived Mr. Zheng into going to Caohe Police Station and tried to force him to give up Falun Gong and write a statement. When Mr. Zheng refused, he was held for seventeen days.

In December 2000, Zheng Handong went to Beijing again to appeal for Dafa. When he returned, Tang Shuwei, the Public Security Bureau director, sent out all his forces and attempted to arrest him. Mr. Zheng was forced to leave home to avoid arrest and became destitute.

Zheng Handong was arrested in Nanchang City in 2002. He developed hypertension and heart disease after the brutal treatment. Mr. Zheng was transferred to Jianchun Public Security Bureau, and Tang Shuwei instigated Mr. Zheng's wife to divorce him. While being held up in Jianchun, Mr. Zheng was hospitalized for days for his poor health. He could have been bailed out for medical attention, but Tang Shuwei claimed that his parents were not able to post his bail. His wife wanted to bail him out, but since they had divorced, she could not bail him out either. His brother was afraid of losing his job, so he did not bail Mr. Zheng out.

The Public Security Bureau and the 610 Office conspired to sentence Mr. Zheng to seven years in prison despite his poor health. He was sent to Qinduankou Prison in Wuhan City. He was transferred to Shayangfanjiatai Prison in 2006.

In May 2007, Mr. Zheng was hospitalized in the prison hospital in critical condition. His family members were notified in August, and they went to visit him. Mr. Zheng was in a coma on August 6. On August 7 he came to and was able to recognize his brother and carry on a conversation with his family members. They were on their way home on August 8 when someone at the prison called them to say that Zheng Handong had died. His family returned and noticed that Mr. Zheng's face was swollen. He was fully clothed, no autopsy was performed, and the guards were in a hurry to cremate his body.

The death certificate stated that the cause of death was cerebral hemorrhage, but family members have doubts. If it were a cerebral hemorrhage, first, how could he have awakened clear-headed from a coma? Second, there were no neurological manifestations such as distortion of the mouth, eye, etc. Third, a person that has had a cerebral hemorrhage usually slurs his or her words and cannot speak clearly. Fourth, Mr. Zheng's body was cremated in a hurry, and the prison covered all the expenses, including the burial fee. If Mr. Zheng truly died of a medical illness, where are the medical bills? There are too many unanswered questions!

Mr. Zheng Handong was persecuted to death. All who participated in it will be held responsible.

Some of the perpetrators who have already met with retribution:

He Lisan, former secretary of the Political Legal Committee, persecuted many practitioners. He committed suicide.

Tang Shuwei, former director of the Public Security Bureau in Jianchun County and a primary figure in persecuting practitioners, is lingering with many diseases and has had one kidney removed.

Hu Jingyong, former deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, has severe illness and has stolen over one hundred thousand yuan. (He is somewhat remorseful and has made a request to have his job changed.)

Yu Xiubao, former chief of the Public Security Bureau, was suspended from his duties.

Song Xiaolin, former deputy chief of the Public Security Bureau, was suspended from his duties.

Tang Shuwei, former director: 86-13807253717 (Cell)

Yi Jun, Director of Security: 86-713-8517968

Zhang Xianyou, Deputy Director of Security: 86-713-8570516

Sun Xiaohua, Security Department

Song Jie, Director of the 610 Office: 86-713-7218179 (Home), 86-713-8518166, 86-13972721848 (Cell)

Hu Xiangyun, Deputy Director of the 610 Office: 86-713-7233039 (Home), 86-13636128918 (Cell), 86-13972709697 (Cell)

610 Office: 86-7137217954.

Xiong Changjiang, Secretary of Jianchun County: 86-713-7222565 (Home), 86-13907253589(Cell)

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