(Clearwisdom.net) Oftentimes after reciting the Fa-rectification verses when sending forth righteous thoughts, I would get distracted and would think about what I didn't do well when clarifying the truth that day, or where I should go the following day to clarify the truth, or about other interesting events. These thoughts would often go on for two or three minutes, until I realized that I should be sending forth righteous thoughts and should not be thinking about other things. A moment later, my thoughts would start up again on another attachment.

Later I read "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival" where Teacher talked about how to send forth righteous thoughts. I thought to myself that I must quiet myself down. When I sent forth righteous thoughts again, I told myself: "This interference is not me because I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Teacher wants me to send forth righteous thoughts and I must do what Teacher tells me to do." Usually I could quiet down when I thought this. Not long afterwards, however, the attachments came up again, and I had to repeat what I had said.

Recently when my thoughts sometimes went astray again, I carefully examined the reasons. The things that would appear in my mind were all very important things or good ideas. They made me think of situations over and over again so as to waste the time when I should be sending forth righteous thoughts. I thought this was most likely an attachment. The evil took advantage of my omission and bombarded me with thoughts about this attachment, making me think the ideas were good so that I would continue to think about them, which distracted me from sending forth righteous thoughts and allowed the evil forces to take advantage of my loophole.

After this analysis, I said to myself: "It is an attachment, and the evil forces have taken advantage of it and used it to waste my time when my thoughts go astray while sending forth righteous thoughts." I could quiet down most of the time when I thought of it in this way.

After I became quiet, my hands and body felt as if they were attracted to something very comfortable, and I could feel the power of it flowing through my hands. The time for sending forth righteous thoughts also passed very quickly.

When I exchanged experiences with fellow practitioners, they also commented that they could not calm their minds. I am writing my experience to share with fellow practitioners so that we can upgrade together.

August 31, 2007