(Clearwisdom.net) Because I had a limited budget, I was only able to buy a used, 900-yuan computer. One day, the computer broke down and I took it to a repair shop. The shop's technician spent three to four hours working on it and concluded that the mother-board leaked current all over the place and that the computer can only be trashed. I thought at the time that I didn't have the money to buy a new computer, and I still needed to prepare truth-clarification materials. A thought came to my mind, "The computer should not break down," and I asked Teacher to reinforce my thoughts. I told the technician, "Please put it back together. It will work after you do that."

The technician said, "Well, I haven't bumped into this kind of thing in my career - even after many years of repairing computers." After he put everything back together, his eyes opened widely - the computer worked.

Another time, when a police officer threatened to search my house before I got out of a detention center with righteous thoughts, I kept one righteous thought on the way to my home: "Cover the room that has truth-clarification materials." The police officer looked around my house for some time and didn't find anything. The officer said to my mother, "You have two bedrooms and one living room?" I smiled in my heart. We actually had three bedrooms and one living room.

I rent a low-priced apartment near a prison to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity. One day I went to the apartment with a fellow practitioner. The door was locked, and after I spent half an hour on it, I still could not unlock the door. The fellow practitioner said, "Maybe the lock is bad." I discounted that thought and immediately said, "Impossible, the lock is not bad. At this moment, it's not allowed to be bad. Even if it is bad, we should use righteous thoughts to get it to work." We sent forth righteous thoughts together with full confidence. After 10 minutes, the fellow practitioner tried to unlock the door. The lock still didn't work. Then, we sent forth righteous thoughts for 5 minutes and asked Teacher to reinforce our righteous thoughts. When we tried to unlock the door again, the lock opened.

When I sent forth righteous thoughts near a police station, there were dark clouds all over the sky and heavy rain was about to fall. I thought I would probably need to run for shelter any minute. When I started sending forth righteous thoughts, there were some big rain drops. I said to a fellow practitioner, "Let's look for a shelter to avoid the rain." When "avoid" came out of my mouth, my righteous thought was reduced. I realized I should not acknowledge this disturbance. Gradually, my righteous thoughts became stronger and I didn't want to move. When I had even stronger righteous thoughts, I realized, "This rain was not an accident, it didn't come later or earlier. The rain came at this moment to disturb us while we are sending forth righteous thoughts. With righteous thoughts, I should reject this and eliminate the evil factors behind it." I told the being controlling the raining in my heart, "I am giving you a chance not to rain anymore. I will eliminate you if you continue the rain." The rain let up, and after a while the sky became clear. There were white clouds scattered in the night sky.

I felt like I obtained a new insight. During Fa-rectification, all beings should act as they are needed by the Fa-rectification. This includes the rain and even bigger factors. But I normally used an ordinary people's mindset, and was surprised at the strength and scope of my righteous thoughts.

The above is my personal insight. Please let me know if anything is inappropriate.