(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, something strange happened in the area around Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. Someone knocked at the door of a Dafa practitioner's home just after midnight. When the practitioner asked what was going on, the person outside the door replied, "We want to quit the Communist Party. Please open the door." At first, the practitioner was afraid of being tricked and said, "Please, come back tomorrow." However, the person outside insisted that they truly were trying to quit the CCP and begged to be let in.

When the practitioner opened the door, two people came in. One of them said, "You once gave me some materials to read when I came over and quit the CCP. My friend here, who is new to the area, also read the flyers. He wanted me to bring him along so he could quit the CCP, too. He thinks that if he can't quit the CCP right now, he won't be able to sleep well."

The other person said, "I am a temporary worker, and I just arrived in this area. When I was younger, I joined the CCP, as well as the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers. I now understand that the Communist Party is really evil, that it has done many bad things and harmed many people, and I want to quit." He also said, "I want to learn how to practice Falun Gong. Could you please teach me?" The practitioner said, "I will give you some materials to read first. You can come back in a few days and I will teach you." Both of them left in good spirits.

The practitioner concluded that cosmic changes are happening and that sentient beings are awakening.

Leaving the House and Avoiding Disaster

By a practitioner from Hebei Province

The surface of my computer desk is made of tempered glass. On top of the desk is a shelf for the speaker, which is also made of tempered glass. My mom and I are Dafa practitioners and we usually use the computer in the afternoon. One afternoon, Mom had to take care of something at work unexpectedly, and I decided to go out for a walk, which I didn't usually do.

When I returned, there were small pieces of glass scattered on the floor in the computer room, and lots of pieces had landed on the chair and on the desk. I realized that for no apparent reason, the shelf above the computer desk had shattered into pieces no bigger than a fingertip. As the glass exploded, pieces of it had hit the wall and left marks on it. A piece of paper on the computer desk was shredded by the glass. If anyone had been sitting in front of the computer, there is no telling what might have happened. My mother and I understood that Master was protecting us again.

Thank you, Master. Falun Dafa is good!

August 29, 2007