(Clearwisdom.net) During the first few years when we were forced to drift around on the streets to avoid illegal arrest, the police often went to our home and knocked on the door. At that time, our little daughter was the only person at home and she got very scared. She would cry and say on the phone, "Daddy, I miss you and Mommy. But you must not come home. The police hide somewhere downstairs. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine as long as you're safe."

On April 12, 2000, my wife and I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. We were illegally arrested and sent back to our hometown by the 610 Office personnel of Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, who had been waiting there for us for days. While I was kept in the police station, one of the policemen asked me, "I've heard that you were responsible for budget planning in your company. You have never accepted any gifts or money from others, is that right?" I said "Yes." He continued, "If you don't accept gifts or money, you must have lost many chances to feed your pocket." I smiled to him calmly. After my wife and I began to practice Falun Gong, we've enlightened to the true meaning and purpose of life. Naturally, we set high standards for ourselves, and we became good people whether in society, at work, or at home. Because we have followed the principles of Dafa, all our illnesses have disappeared. Our medical bills have amounted to zero since we started to practice thirteen years ago.

Before I started practicing cultivation, I slid down along with the moral degeneration of society, and the CCP never cared much about me in that state. But after I took up cultivation, with both my health and moral character being upgraded, the CCP has put on a different hat, accusing me of "disturbing public security of society," and wantonly suppressing, arresting and jailing a good person like me.

My wife was held in the holding cell three times and illegally detained once in the detention center. She was released only when her health was in critical condition. I was kept in the holding cell twice and sentenced to prison for one year. Because I was unwilling to be transformed, I was illegally incarcerated in prison for an additional 37 days. When I was released on the due date, the police called my wife to pick me up. When she arrived at the police station, she was detained. Without any legal proceedings or documents, a handful of policemen forcibly threw her into the police van, which drove her to the detention center. She was released only when she was in her last gasp after going on a hunger strike for 33 days. Three days after she was released from the detention center, the police who came from the Chengxin Police Station went to my home to arrest her again. They left only when they were told that my wife had already been seized and sent to a labor camp. After that, we left our home and wandered about on the streets destitute for seven years.

During these years, the Daqing Public Security Bureau and the 610 Office have persecuted us financially by suspending our salaries and withholding our pensions. Without any source of income, I went back to my work place to claim my salary, but was told by my manager, Li, that he couldn't do anything and that he had to ask his supervisor. He then called his supervisor on the phone who said, "You can come tomorrow morning to pick it up." Just after I left his office, a police car stopped by. I later learned that a policeman named Cao Zengen had come specifically to arrest me. I was lucky that I left early. I tried to get a friend to help pick up the money for me. He told me that the Public Security Bureau and the 610 Office were withholding my money. If I went there, they would have arrested me.

During those years when we were persecuted, our daughter's employment was also affected. The Daqing Petroleum Management Inc. had many openings available at that time, but she was denied any chance to apply. When she went to ask them why, one of the staff told her, "Your parents are criminals." She said, "No, they are good people." The child was hurt and was crying when she walked home. Since then, she dared not to go outside, fearing that people would ask why she couldn't get a job. Her classmates who graduated with her have been working for several years. Because her parents practice Falun Gong, the Chengxin Police Station withheld her ID card, making it impossible for her to find a job. Last year, when the higher authorities gave orders to Daqing City that all adults must have jobs, she was recruited into the work force. She studied finance in school, but she was only given a cleaning job.

Later we learned that our child left Daqing City desperate because of the tremendous pressures on her. I have only narrated a portion of our persecution here. There are many Falun Gong practitioners around us who have also been persecuted. Some of them have been sentenced to jail, arrested, or forced to drift around on the streets. Many have had their families broken up and family members killed. We call on the international community, human rights organizations, and just and honest people to help stop this heinous crime happening in China.

Main Staff in Charge of The Chengyu Real Estate Company of Daqing City:

Sun Tiewen (CEO): 86-459-5961258(Office) 86-459-5901587(Home) 86-13904695581(Cell)

Gao Wei (Secretary): 86-459-5965688(Office) 86-459-5988366(Home) 86-13359821177(Cell)

Cheng Jin (Chief of Public Security): 86-459-5991704(Office) 86-459-5995311(Home) 86-13904592635(Cell)

Public Security Bureau of Daqing City:

Cao Liwei (captain): 86-459-6371699(Office) 86-13384595678(Cell)

Cao Zhenhe (political commissioner): 86-459-6107789(Office) 86-459-6280888(Home) 86-13329500001(Cell)

August 28, 2007