(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Zheng Handong from Qichun County, Hubei Province, was forcibly hospitalized by Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang County and died on August 8, 2007.

On March 20, 2007, 26 practitioners were transferred from Qinduankou Prison to Fanjiatai Prison. They had all gone through comprehensive physical exams where their blood was drawn against their will in Qinduankou Prison. Upon their arrival at Fanjiatai Prison, these practitioners were again subjected to physical examinations: their blood pressure was measured, x-rays taken, and blood drawn for a second time.

On March 21, the medical doctor at Fanjiatai Prison measured the blood pressures of six practitioners held in the third cell of the first subdistrict of the Fourth Ward. Their blood pressures were all high. Mr. Zheng Handong was tested several times, and his blood pressure was consistently about 260/200. Mr. Xu Jianjun's reading was about 240/190, Mr. Deng Yong's was about 220/180, and others gave readings of approximately 150/95 or 180/100.

The practitioners began to wonder why their blood pressure readings were so high when they all felt normal and their bodies showed no abnormalities. Some thought that this might be just an illusion to test them; others thought it was due to long-term persecution.

For two consecutive days, the political commissar and the hospital director of the prison, as well as the guards of the ward and subdistrict, all came to request that Mr. Zheng Handong go to the hospital for treatment. They said that otherwise they would refuse responsibility for any health crisis that Mr. Zheng encountered.

However, after Mr. Zheng Handong was forced into the hospital, he never returned. The only information was from guard Xiong Zuyong (male) of his ward who was responsible for delivering him to the hospital. Xiong repeatedly claimed that Mr. Zheng's blood pressure while he was hospitalized continued to decrease. Expert doctors from the outside that had been invited for consultation said that Mr. Zheng had other diseases, too, and that Mr. Zheng had to undergo medical treatment. He was given "injections and medicine." Xiong also tried to force Mr. Xu Jianjun and Mr. Deng Yong to go to the hospital for treatment, but they firmly refused. It was only because they were so adamantly opposed that they were not taken to the hospital.

Why would Mr. Zheng Handong die in the hospital while he was under the care of expert doctors? What did these "experts" do? Could they have doing experiments on Falun Dafa practitioners? I appeal to anyone who has more inside information to please investigate further and help expose the true situation.

For several days afterwards, Fanjiatai Prison tried to forcibly draw blood from 36 practitioners claiming it was for a compulsory hepatitis inspection. This attempt failed after the practitioners firmly refused to cooperate. According to guards Xiao Tianbo (male) of the Fourth Ward and Yang Bisheng (male) from the first subdistrict, several practitioners from the seventh subdistrict of the Third Ward were found to have hepatitis. We do not know whether this claim is true. In light of the reports that recently many practitioners in labor camps and brainwashing centers were forcibly given unknown drugs and injected with unknown substances by guards, this is probably not true.. These forced injections have caused great harm to their minds and bodies. We want to remind Falun Dafa practitioners to pay close attention to this issue.

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September 2, 2007