(Clearwisdom.net) I was fortunate to begin Fa study in 1995. I would like to share my experiences and lessons of sending forth righteous thoughts and eliminating the evil with fellow practitioners. Master said,

"Actually, every Dafa disciple has abilities. It's just that the abilities do not manifest in the surface dimension, so they think that they don't have supernormal abilities. But regardless of whether they can manifest in the surface dimension or not, when a person's True Thoughts come forth they are very powerful." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful")

I always remember what Master taught us. Sending forth righteous thoughts is one of the three things we need to do well. We should do it every day and do it regarding everything. As long as the evil still exists, we should not stop sending righteous thoughts. I went through a process, from not knowing how to send righteous thoughts to understanding how to, from not doing it often to doing it every day, and to doing it for everything.

Police officers arrested me twice and sent me to a detention center, where I was held for three months each time. Each time I tried to use righteous thoughts to break away from the evil den, but I did not have a deep understanding of sending righteous thoughts and did not get the results I expected. I learned my lesson.

The first time I tried to look for opportunities to get away, I picked the time after midnight, deep in the night and quiet. There were only two guards on duty, and it seemed a good chance to succeed. I silently sent righteous thoughts: "All four doors will open at the same time! The guards will go back to the room and sleep!" I tried it for several days, but it did not work. The second time was one afternoon after I had been detained for two months. A female guard was interrogating me. The interrogation room was outside the prison cell and was separated by one wall and the gate. I thought it was a great opportunity to break away. I sent righteous thoughts: "Let this guard take a nap! Let my handcuffs open!" This also did not work. I blamed myself not yet reaching the desired level. My xinxing level was not high enough and my righteous thoughts were not strong enough. Later, through studying the Fa and sharing my experiences with fellow practitioners I gradually understood the essentials of sending forth righteous thoughts.

When I sent righteous thoughts in the detention center I only had the thought of giving it a try. I did not truly believe I had the power. In the meantime I missed my family so much and wanted to get out of there immediately. My mind was not calm and pure enough. How could it have had the desired effect under these conditions? Master clearly pointed out for us,

"A being's level is determined by his xinxing. That is, when you use supernormal abilities your righteous thoughts must be strong. An inadequate state of mind--such as fearing the evil, wavering in your thoughts when you use your supernormal abilities, or doubting whether they will work--can affect or interfere with the outcome of the supernormal abilities." ("What are Supernormal Abilities" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I have learned from my experiences and kept in mind what Master taught us. Each time before sending righteous thoughts I always eliminate my own impure thoughts first and try to keep divine thoughts. I think of myself standing righteously between heaven and Earth and having the ability to eliminate all evil. This way, sending righteous thoughts becomes very powerful.

In the fall 2002, I was sentenced to three years of forced labor for attending a Fa conference and clarifying the truth. I was determined to send forth strong righteous thoughts to suppress the evil. Without any advance notice the authorities suddenly sentenced me. One morning at 5:00 a.m., the police pulled me into a vehicle and took me to a forced labor camp. On the way there I kept sending forth righteous thoughts, "Eliminate all evils that persecutes Falun Gong practitioners! There is nothing wrong with practitioners clarifying the truth. Sentencing practitioners is illegal! Forced labor camps are not for practitioners. I refuse to stay here for even one day! I must get away from here! Master, please strengthen me!"

I did not stop to send righteous thoughts during the one-hundred-mile ride. I had no other thoughts but righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. When we got to the forced labor camp, while they were doing the paperwork, I spotted an escape route. About thirty minutes later the officers who had taken me there returned and said, "Let's go back. They refused to accept you." Just like that, I returned that same day and resumed validating the Fa, clarifying the truth and rescuing sentient beings.

In the spring 2003, during the so-called "Two Congresses," I was persecuted in a brainwashing center. I was arrested one day around noon. Five or six policemen came to my home and wanted me to "attend a meeting." I knew they were trying to get me to attend a brainwashing session. I could not get away from them and had to get in their car. I was not afraid and I was not nervous. In the car I focused my mind on sending righteous thoughts, "Eliminate the evil in the police department that persecutes practitioners! Eliminate the brainwashing center that persecutes practitioners! Master, please strengthen me!" I met other practitioners in the police department conference room. I hinted to them that we should send forth righteous thoughts together.

Confronted with the strong righteous thoughts from several practitioners, the police department deputy head did not know what to say. Eventually he said, "Falun Dafa is pretty good. Keep practicing. Keep practicing!" Then he rushed off. All the policemen present were shocked by his words and did not know what to do. The 610 Office head immediately said, "We all know our police chief was being sarcastic. Everybody knows that he jokes a lot, right? Let's go." He put us in a van and took us to the brainwashing center. After hearing the deputy head's words we publicly studied the Fa and practiced the exercises. The police chief never visited the brainwashing center. The officers responsible for the center did not pay special attention to us, either.

The district police department usually forces the practitioners' workplaces to provide two thousand yuan per month as "tuition." But it turned out that after a week there were still not enough people, so the brainwashing session closed down during the second week. This is the power of Falun Dafa, the power of practitioners' righteous thoughts! It is also the result of Master's strengthening. I made the profound realization that as long as we firmly believe in Master and Dafa, with righteous thoughts and righteous actions, no evil can reach its goal.

During the past several years, I have realized more and more the power of sending righteous thoughts in validating Dafa, explaining the truth, and rescuing sentient beings. When we face evil that needs to be eliminated or sentient beings that need to be saved, if we do not pay enough attention to righteous thoughts, our human notions may take the lead, which could lead to a state of ordinary people doing things for Dafa. We will then feel our effectiveness diminish, and we will not be able to reach our expected goals.

When we stay focused and send strong righteous thoughts, it is like the thoughts of a deity taking the lead, a divine state utilizing divine powers. The evil will immediately be destroyed, and validating Dafa will become a smoother and easier process.

For example, when we distribute copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and encourage people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), all of us have a common feeling--that it is easier to do it with strangers than with acquaintances. Why is it? There are different factors, but a common reason is that sending forth righteous thoughts plays a key role. When we face strangers, chances are we have only one chance that could disappear if we do not grasp the opportunity right away. We usually do not have any worries, attachments, or human notions; our righteous thoughts are usually strong; and the divine side is alert. We feel we have the power of eliminating any evil in the universe. This strong righteous thought is enough to disintegrate any evil behind the scenes that influences sentient beings. The stranger's clear-minded side usually makes the right decision immediately. However, when we face acquaintances ,our human notions usually take the lead. We have many worries and want to reach our goal within a short time. We also often overlook sending righteous thoughts, or do it only as a formality. Hence it decreases our chance of success.

I know someone who works as a leader in a government office. I wanted to ask him to quit the CCP as soon as possible. I first asked him to read the Nine Commentaries. After a while I brought up quitting the CCP. He hesitated, "I'll wait for a couple of years, when I retire." This was a surprise to me. I thought he was an educated person and in a leadership role. He should have understood the content of the Nine Commentaries. Why couldn't he immediately make the right choice? I looked for the reasons and discovered I had neglected sending righteous thoughts. Although later I did send righteous thoughts, due to the impact of the environment, the righteous thoughts were not strong enough to eliminate the Communist specter behind him. The CCP culture had indoctrinated and influenced this person for many years. The mark of the evil Communist specter was deeply embedded in him. Lacking strong righteous thoughts made it difficult to eliminate the evil behind him. We have learned our lessons and continued the effort to help him.

Once I encouraged a millionaire to withdraw from the CCP. It went very well. This is an entrepreneur and a local celebrity. I had heard about him and knew his story but had been unable to interact with him. Unexpectedly, I met him at a friend's party. I knew that meeting anyone during the Fa-rectification period is not incidental. It must have been prearranged. We had distributed the Nine Commentaries and encouraged people to quit the CCP. He might be there just to quit the CCP. I made up my mind to ask him to quit the CCP. I sent righteous thoughts: "Eliminate the evil Communist evil specter behind him so he can immediately quit the CCP! Master, please strengthen me!" After sending righteous thoughts for over ten minutes, I said to him, "Do you want to stay safe?" He said, "My whole family has bought insurance." I said, "Insurance companies can only compensate you after a disaster happens. They cannot provide you with personal safety." He asked, "What should I do then?" I briefly explained the reasons why everyone should quit the CCP, saying "This Party is corrupt to the core. It has been committing crimes throughout its history. It killed eighty million innocent Chinese people. Now the heavens will eliminate the CCP. If a person does not quit, it means he is part of it and associated with it. When the gods eliminate the CCP, the person will be impacted. Only by quitting the CCP can you ensure your safety." He replied without hesitation, "I'll quit. Completely quit!" Within several minutes he was rescued. This is another example of the importance of sending righteous thoughts.

Studying the Fa well is the foundation for effectively sending forth righteous thoughts. While the Fa-rectification is not yet over, we should continue to study the Fa well; send forth righteous thoughts; completely eliminate any evil that damages Dafa; disintegrate all evil rotten ghosts, dark minions, the Communist evil specter, and all evil elements of the CCP in other dimensions; and welcome the day that the Fa rectifies the human world.

Thank you, our benevolent and great Master! Heshi.