(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhou Guisen, a Falun Gong practitioner from Union Elementary School in Pang Village, Yishui Township, Yishui County, Shandong Province, was awarded the title of "Outstanding Teacher" many times. He is a compassionate person, respected by many people. Since July 20, 1999, when the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang's regime first began, Zhou Guisen has been persecuted many times and recently was illegally detained in Wang Village Forced Labor Camp for so-called "reeducation."

Below is an account of the persecution suffered by Zhou Guisen over the last several years:

In 2000, because Zhou Guisen went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong, he was imprisoned in Beijing and was tortured for a week. Then he was taken by the Yishui Township local authority and imprisoned in the Fengjiazhuang Village brainwashing center. Li Hongwei and Wang Jianjun put a picture of Falun Gong's founder on the floor, and ordered Zhou Guisen to step on it. Mr. Zhou refused, and was beaten mercilessly by Li Hongwei, Wang Jianjun and a hired thug many times. Ten days late he was transferred to the Yishui County Detention Center for continuous torture. After a month Zhou Guisen was again sent back to the Fengjiazhuang Village brainwashing center to undergo more mental torture for over two months. After he was forced to hand over 5,000 yuan as a security deposit, he was able to go home. Mr. Zhou was told that the deposit would be returned to him but so far it has not been returned.

In July 2002, when Zhou Guisen was teaching a class at his school, he was deceived into going to the Pine Peak Administrative District by Yue Shili and Yue's company. Then Mr. Zhou was forcibly sent to the Wang Village brainwashing center again. He was forced to watch a video that attacked Falun Gong, was deprived of sleep, and was threated and intimidated in an attempt to demolish his spirit. Mr. Zhou was charged 3,000 yuan for monthly living expenses and 300 yuan for transportation.

In 2005, when Zhou Guisen was teaching his students to always tell the truth, exercise forbearance in daily life, respect parents and elderly people, and to be honest and good children, he was unexpectedly reported to the authorities by a student's parent, who did not know the facts about Falun Gong. Wang Jianjun from the General Administration of Yishui Township, Wu Chuanbiao, the director of the Education Committee, Kong Fanzeng, the principal of the school and other people threated Zhou Guisen and prohibited him from teaching.

In 2006, some people reported to the authorities that Zhou Guisen, from time to time, still clarified the truth of Falun Gong. Wu Chuanbiao, the director of the Education Committee, worried that his position would be compromised because of Mr. Zhou's actions. Wu ordered Mr. Zhou to report to the Education Committee and hand over 3,000 yuan as a security deposit. Zhou Guisen went to the Education Committee three times and clarified the truth of the persecution to Wu Chuanbiao. Wu abused his authority and forced Mr. Zhou to put down another 1,500 yuan as a security, threatening him that his wages would be garnished if anything happened again.

In the afternoon of May 15, 2007, Zhou Guisen returned to his family from the school. People from the local office of WuJiaWa headed by a person named He (surname), went to Union Elementary School and did not find Mr. Zhou. They searched the school's cafeteria and searched Mr. Zhou's office but found nothing. Then the principal of the school, Kong Fanzeng, called Zhou Guisen and claimed: "The General Administration Department wanted to interview us both together tomorrow [May 16]." This was to keep Zhou Guisen in his home. Then Kong led General Administration staff member Han Guo and Li Yuyou from the Yishui County National Security Brigade and several others, and rushed into Mr. Zhou's home. They illegally confiscated his family's property. They took several magnetic tapes, and forcibly took Zhou Guisen away and imprisoned him in the Yishui County Detention Center, where he was secretly tortured. His family members were not permitted to visit Mr. Zhou. After several days, his family once again went to the Yishui County National Security Brigade and asked for Mr. Zhou's release. The chief of the brigade, Song Wei, and Li Yuyou intentionally mislead his family members and claimed that Mr. Zhou would be released in a month. The family members trusted what they were told and anxiously waited and waited for over 37 days, before realizing that they had been deceived. On June 19, 2007, before dawn, Mr. Zhou was secretly transferred to Wang Village Forced Labor Camp for so-called reeducation. It was several days later that the family members heard the news.

Personnel responsible for the persecution of Zhou Guisen:

Principal of Union Elementary School Pang Village, Kong Fanzeng: 86-539-2744142 (Office), 86-13869954123 (Cell)
Director of General Administration, Han Guo: 86-539-2276814, 86-539-2257692, 86-13953911720 (Cell)
Chief of the Yishui County National Security Brigade, Song Wei: 86-539-2233680 (Home), 86-13705493366(Cell)
Staff member from the Yishui County National Security Brigade, Li Yuyou: 86-539-2205366 (Home), 86-13505497362 (Cell)