(Clearwisdom.net) Thirteen years ago, on August 20, 1994, our compassionate and venerable Master Li Hongzhi came to Yanji City to teach Falun Dafa and the exercises, bringing hope to the minority area of Yanbian, in the form of cultivation practice that allows one to cultivate back to one's origin. I was extremely fortunate to have attended the lectures.

On August 20, 1994, as soon as Master appeared in the Yanji City Stadium, students from around the country welcomed his arrival with thunderous applause and in tears. I saw a big circle of light around Master the moment I saw him. Besides being astonished, I understood--Master is a great enlightened being that has come to Earth to save people. As if awakened from a dream, I decided at that very moment to follow Master, to practice cultivation to the end.

Master taught the ten lectures fluently and with ease. He taught the most profound principles of the cosmos, using the most understandable language, and covered everything from the human body to the cosmos; and from particles to planets, but I never saw him holding any books or notes while he taught.

I remember Master saying before that as long as one is a genuine cultivator, even elderly women who cannot read can understand the Fa.

Master cleansed the students' bodies on the third lecture day. There were more than 4,000 students in the stadium, and Master divided us into two groups. He first began cleansing the bodies of students sitting in the east, and among them was an older woman. Standing in the northern section of the stadium, Master extended his right arm and pointed to the south. He said, "Bordered by my hand, I will clean the east first. Everyone now lift your right foot. No rush, and don't anticipate. If you have any illnesses, first think about them. Or else think about your family members' illnesses. After I shout one, two, three, stomp your foot." With Master's wave of the hand everyone stomped his or her right foot.

I heard Master saying, "I told you not to rush and don't stamp your foot until I shout three. You didn't listen, and stomped your foot as soon as I shouted two. So now the illness did not disappear but it went down to your leg instead." As it turned out, this older woman was too nervous to remember Master's words and had stomped her foot as soon as Master shouted two. Master knew it very well, even from a far distance. Immediately afterwards, Master cleansed the bodies for the students sitting in the west.

Finally, Master cleansed the bodies of the entire audience one more time. As soon as Master waved his hand and everyone finished stomping their foot, the older woman's vision suddenly became clear, and she saw everything. She was too excited to hold back her tears and emotion, and shouted, "I've met a living Buddha!"

As soon as the lecture for that day was over, my body began to undergo immediate changes. I was looking for a toilet all the way home and had to eliminate a lot of bad things. After the lecture series was over, all my illnesses disappeared and I became very energetic. I indeed felt as if being pushed while riding a bike, and my face became as rosy as a young lady's. I was not the only one to experience these changes. All lecture participants experienced changes to differing degrees.

The Fa principles Master imparted fundamentally changed my view of the world and my outlook on life during those eight days. I came to understand the real purpose of being a human and developed a strong urge to return to my original home. One day a storm suddenly came over Yanji City and flooded the city's downtown area. But with Master's protection, the storm did not interfere with us, and we all were able to attend the lecture as planned.

Master opened the third eye for many students, and they could see Falun spinning, heavenly maidens scattering flowers, and colorful lights, as well as many other wonderful things.

Master is quite frugal. He would wrap up leftover pickled vegetables and save them for the next meal. When the lecture series was over, Master gave six Falun flags and several cassette players to the Yanbian practice site as gifts and donated the remaining 7,000 yuan to the local "Red Cross." When he left, Master bought his own train ticket.

Today, all these touching scenes replay as if they were right before my eyes, one after another. The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong started in July 1999. As soon as I saw the fabricated news that aired on the CCP's media slandering Master by saying that he squandered money, having personally witnessed Master's lifestyle, I feel Master's greatness even more.

August 20-27, 1994 were the happiest days of my life. With everything that Master has given me, I can only repay a little by cultivating myself well.

August 14, 2007