(Clearwisdom.net) On July 27, 2007, practitioners Li Dianfu and Li Fengting from Shiting Village, Shiting Town, Laishui County, Hebei Province were taken from their homes by Dai Chunjie from the Laishui County Public Security Bureau and Wang Fucai, the local 610 Office chief. Li Dianfu, 60, and Li Fengting were "illegally imprisoned" in the Laishui County Detention Center.

Practitioner Mr. Gao Binglan, over 60, from Wanggezhuang Village, Songgehuang Village, Laishui County, was also illegally imprisoned at the detention center. Mr. Gao was reported to the authorities on July 20, 2007 while distributing truth-clarification fliers. News of his arrest was only learned through a fellow villager; his family remained in the dark about his condition even seven or eight days following his arrest.

Between July 20 and July 27, 2007, practitioners from Beizhuang, Jian, Beilongquan, Bachagou, Balizhuang, Shiting, Bancheng and Wanggezhuang Villages in Shiting Town were taken into custody by Dai Chunjie and Wang Fucai. Practitioners' houses were broken into illegally and their possessions taken. Guo Fuyun, a practitioner over seventy years old, had over 6,000 yuan worth of cash and possessions taken.

The officers broke into the houses of practitioners Zhang Fengzhi, Wang Fengxian, Zhao Ruiqi, Chang Shaojun, and non-practitioner Chang Dabao, etc. from Beizhuang Village, Shiting Town. Ms. Zhang Fengzhi's house was broken into three times in a single month. Ms. Zhang, in her sixties, continued to steadfastly cultivate in Dafa throughout the eight years of persecution, and suffered brutal persecution at the hands of the henchmen of the Communist Party's regime in Laishui County. She was sent to labor camps, imprisoned, and detained numerous times. The longest detention lasted an entire year. At the Nanma Brainwashing Session held in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, Ms. Zhang was persecuted badly and lost control of her bowels. At the Baoding Forced Labor Camp, Hebei Province, both her arms and legs were tied up while the guards pulled the ropes to two sides, almost splitting her apart. The torture resulted in dislocation and swelling in Ms. Zhang's arm and leg bones. Once, during the torture, she spit out an entire mouthful of blood onto the ceiling and walls of the room, and said, "This will be evidence of the Party's persecution of me."

When Mr. Zhao Ruiqi's house was being broken into, no one was at home. Zhang Hongwen, secretary of Beizhuang Village, led Dai Chunjie and Wang Fucai over the fence and into the house, broke open his door, and entered his room to take his possessions.

Chang Dabao's mother is a practitioner. Even though he does not practice himself, Chang was also subjected to illegal searches by Dai and Wang. The officers searched Chang's backyard carefully for more than two hours. Chang Shaojun was taking care of his sick brother when his house was broken into.

On July 25, 2007, Wang and Dai broke into practitioner Zhang He's house in Bachagou Village, Shiting Town. When they did not find what they wanted at Zhang's place, they illegally broke into the house of Zhang's younger brother Zhang Hai, a non-practitioner. Mr. Gu Haoqin, a fellow practitioner in the same village, also had his home broken into on the same day.

Zhang Lihua from Beilongquan Village, Shiting Town, was also persecuted by Dai and Wang. Zhang was not at home when they arrived, and it was only after Zhang's sister-in-law exposed the actions of the officers that they left. Zhang Lihua, the wife of practitioner Yan Hequan, had to support the family all by herself after Mr. Yan was sentenced to eleven years of imprisonment. She led a hard life and both her children were also forced to quit school. Mr. Yan Hequan is still illegally imprisoned in Baoding Prison, Hebei Province.

The house of Mr. Wang Baojun, a practitioner from Jian Village, was broken into on June 21, 2007. Dai and Wang went to Mr. Wang Baojun's house three times in succession to search it.

In June, 2007, a practitioner surnamed Li from Balizhuang Village, Shiting Town was arrested by Wang and Dai. The officers threatened that Li would not be released unless he defamed Dafa and Master.

Ms. Dong Yanjun is a practitioner from Bancheng Village, Shiting Town. Since she was taken into custody and sentenced to imprisonment in a forced labor camp on June 22, 2007, officers have continued monitoring her home with the intention of arresting her husband Liu Chunyu, also a practitioner. Liu Peifu, secretary of Bancheng Village, keeps guard in front of Mr. Liu's house every day.

Mr. Zhao Yajun is a senior village official in Songgezhuang Village. However, because his mother and brother practice Falun Gong, Zhao came under surveillance by the Laishui County Disciplinary Committee and the Procuratorate. Wang and Dai, together with other officers, pinned Mr. Zhao's mother to the ground until she vomited white foam and then said that she was faking death. They took 6,000 yuan worth of cash and possessions, including a color television.