(Clearwisdom.net) There are two female divisions in the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center, Heilongjiang Province: The third and fourth divisions are the exit and entrance teams respectively. They have used many brutal methods to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

1. All Dafa practitioners who are sent here, no matter what time they arrive, will be sent for inspection, have their hair cut, and immediately be summoned for interrogation until late at night. On the second day, practitioners would be awakened very early and labor camp personnel would talk to them, trying to use both hard and soft-handed approaches. The soft-handed approaches would be to use sentiments to confuse practitioners. If it failed, they would start bombarding practitioners with persuasion, indoctrination, and scoldings. Practitioners would be surrounded by one or two people and if the first two people fail, two more would come. Using all kinds of methods they would corner practitioners somewhere, bring out their priorly written "Four Statements," and force practitioners to sign their names. If this fails, they would switch to another soft-handed method, by using "sentiments" to try to move practitioners. They would talk about family, parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends, etc., and try to move closer to practitioners using such methods, divide their mental will, and try to achieve their malicious goals.

2. Every practitioner would have a collaborator with them, and even collaborators themselves would be supervised upon by each other. This was an open secret. In the dark, they would plant some "transformed" practitioners by the practitioner's side. On the surface they treat practitioners very well and "share" with practitioners very often. They chat, memorize articles, and even help transmit articles (arranged by the team). However, their goal is to transmit the information they obtain to the division leaders and deputy leaders so that the labor camp can fully grasp the inner mind and character of practitioners to facilitate the persecution.

3. Using point rewards, reducing sentences, bribes, etc. to attract criminals so that they would use all kinds of methods to attack Dafa practitioners. The labor camp uses their own left-over food, or food brought from home as a bribe to attract them so that they would monitor and report Dafa practitioners' actions. The criminals would report all conversations, article reading, passing around of articles, practicing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, etc., to the police in exchange for point rewards and sentence reductions. Sometimes, the police would even side with them when they steal things or when the criminals gang up to cheat Dafa practitioners to the extent that some people do it overtly.

They would cover up for the "transformed" people, instigating them to beat persevering practitioners. A woman named Yao Yuzhi, was transferred here from Mudanjiang and after "transformation," often beat another practitioner (name unknown) who was transferred here with her. She also often had many arguments with other practitioners and reported Dafa practitioners' situations to the guards.

4. When a practitioners' body presents symptoms of sickness, they would be brought to a hospital, and would often say, upon return, that Dafa practitioners were "pretending to be sick."

Dafa practitioner Ding Libo had a weak heart and often passed out in her sleep at night and could not be awakened unless strong stimuli was used. Moreover, each time this happened, the duration lasted longer and longer. When she woke up in the morning she would be very tired and could not recover after half a day. At first, doctors started using acupuncture on her leg. Later, they switched to using toothpicks. Police officer Wang Haiying used toothpicks to pry a deep hole into her leg and it could still be seen months later. The police said that she was just pretending, but in fact she also had high blood pressure which would fluctuate between being dangerously high or low.

Another practitioner named Li Dongju was persecuted to the extent that she could not walk for six months.

Cen Shuling was tortured to the extent that she could not tend to her daily necessities, yet the guards still said that she was pretending. Instead of releasing her, she was slandered and framed for co-inhabiting with a man at home. Using these methods, they were able to create gaps between practitioners, and it was a very common technique used.

Some Dafa practitioners also had high blood pressure (more than 200), vasculitis, and other problems. Sometimes they could not even move down the stairs. To these practitioners, not only did the guards not release them, but they were further used as cheap labor by the guards and extracted for hard work.

5. Forcing Dafa practitioners to perform slave labor. This is mainly for packing toothpicks and gluing paper boxes. No matter whether young or old, practitioners would have to work longer than others. If a person could complete two boxes in overtime, they would instead get two and a half or three boxes. Those who became sick at work would also not be allowed to work less. Those who "perform" well or are "transformed" would then obtain appropriate reductions. For other practitioners however, they would be told to bring it back to their dormitories and work overnight - as long as they could produce it the second day.