(Clearwisdom.net) Since early June of 2007, the Shibalihe Women's Forced Labor Camp in Henan Province has imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners who refused to give up their beliefs. The practitioners were closely watched during mealtimes. Some were forced to hand copy ten sheets of writings required by policewoman Jia Meili, or they were locked in confinement 24 hours a day and not allowed to even receive food. They were also not allowed to sleep until midnight or 2 a.m.

On July 18, 2000, practitioner Ms. Hu Tielin of Sanmenxia city was arrested from her home by police supervisor Wang Haibo. Wang produced false evidence to incriminate her and took her to the detention center. After nine months, Ms. Hu was sentenced to the Shibalihe Women's Forced Labor Camp for two years. Because she did not "transform" and give up Falun Gong during this period, authorities at the police station schemed to use her stay in the labor camp as a false "criminal record" and arrested her again in December 2006. The excuse for her arrest was only that she had a "criminal record." She was sentenced again to an additional year in the forced labor camp and multiple appeals from her were ignored. Ms. Hu has subsequently been severely tortured in the labor camp.

Labor camp inmates Su Caiqin and Zhang Huijun have been known to manhandle Falun Gong practitioners. Since the labor camp is isolated and strictly controls information flow, the current condition of these practitioners is unknown. The labor camp closely observed the practitioners who had "transformed" and given up Falun Gong, and studied the thoughts of each practitioner on a daily basis. Every day, they forced newly "transformed" practitioners to watch videos slandering Falun Dafa. All "transformed" practitioners were required to complete various activities and homework daily by the labor camp. The practitioners were also asked to submit daily diaries, weekly logs and quarterly evaluations. They were forced to renew vows to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) every morning. The reduction of any sentence is determined by the Forced Labor Education Bureau, and on a quarterly basis they send officials to interview each practitioner, They determine the reduction of sentencing based upon the extent of the practitioners' cooperation with the wicked CCP practices.

Some practitioners who unwillingly "transformed" had their sentences reduced by four days per year. If the police did not trust that the practitioner had "transformed," CCP agents were sent to closely observe these practitioners. They also threatened that the practitioners' sentences would be lengthened if anyone reverted back to cultivation. Even so, there were still practitioners who returned to Dafa afterwards.

As of today, the practitioners who remain steadfast include Ju Lili, Li Jingrong, Hu Tielin, Zhao Xiaomian, Cai Wei, Tan Chun and a practitioner transferred to this labor camp from Beijing.

Head of the police station: Jia Meili (Captain), Zheng Yufeng (team leader), Ren Yuanfang (team leader), Hu Zhaoxia (team leader), Wang Nu (group leader),
Policewomen who participated in the persecution: Zhang Hui, Ma Lan, Huang Haibo, Zhang Yaqin, Cui Yin, Li Lifen, and someone with the last name of Gao.