(Clearwisdom.net) Three Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested last year. They resisted being "transformed" and were thus beaten by police officers and prisoners. As a result, their health condition became critical, and twice they were taken to the police hospital. After clarifying the truth to doctors and nurses they created an environment for doing group exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts together. One day they sat in a circle and raised their hands to send forth righteous thoughts.

One fellow practitioner saw the phenomena of a huge amount of energy being emitted and eliminating numerous dark minions and rotten ghosts. She saw strong beams of light emerging from the base of the practitioners' palms through the tips of their fingers. These light beams emitting from the three practitioners formed a strong column of light that reached upward toward the heavens. It could not be seen how far it reached. It then appeared like an atom bomb exploding and forming a mushroom-shaped cloud, covering the entire sky. The phenomena was magnificent.

As she kept her hands in the lotus position, the practitioner noticed that there was something sliding down from the finger tips and the center of the palm. She felt an itching sensation, and saw tiny people with red hats, red clothes and black belts around their waists in the centers of her palms. Some were turning somersaults, some were upright, and some were heading downward. They slid down while in various postures.

After these tiny people fell down, they passed a quickly rotating razor-like-machine under the hollow of the palm, and immediately, the tiny people turned into black silt.

After she finished sending righteous thoughts, she told the fellow practitioners what she had seen. She told them her understanding of the power and importance of sending forth righteous thoughts. At the same time she felt encouragement and strengthening from Master.