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Chen Yonglin, a former diplomat from the Chinese Consulate in Sydney, Australia, recently revealed several secret internal documents of the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. These documents record detailed plans of how the Chinese Consulate in Sydney, acting in cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), would spread hate propaganda outside of China and continue the persecution of Falun Gong abroad. Below are the translations of these documents:

First document from the Sydney General Consulate dated February 7, 2001, entitled, "Work List of Anti-Falun Gong Foreign-related Struggle Special Group."




Work List of Anti-Falun Gong Foreign-Related Struggle Special Group


Task Assigned

Political & Research


Person in Charge: Ruan (given name omitted)

  1. Work given to State and city government offices, including compiling and distributing letters from the consul-general and news articles from the Consulate promoting government officials and congress members to visit China.

  2. Edit and rewrite Chinese and English materials that criticize Falun Gong. Recommend articles that criticize Falun Gong from People's Daily and Xinhua News Agency to the overseas Chinese media.

  3. Compile articles criticizing Falun Gong combined with local situations and publish them on local Chinese media under the name of Consulate Speakers.

  4. Provide valuable news information or important cases to our journalists in the Sydney region.

  5. Cooperate each other to collect relevant materials Falun Gong has distributed.

  6. Report to inner China our work under the combined effort of all divisions.



Person in charge: Long (given name omitted)

  1. In charge of the Consulate Bulletin Board

  2. Distribute criticizing Falun Gong materials sent from China to state and city governments, councils, and media.

  3. Strengthen cultural exchange in Sydney and surrounding area, expand our propaganda through cultural or sports delegations coming from China.

  4. Provide audio-visual or written materials criticizing Falun Gong to Chinese TV stations, radio stations, SBS Chinese program, etc.

Visa Office


Person in Charge: Ju (given name omitted)

  1. Strictly block Falun Gong members from obtaining visas. Keep good record of the names and situations of those who applied for visas.

  2. Talk with Falun Gong member applying for a visa, try to learn information through these talks.

  3. Collect information on Falun Gong through known local Chinese people, especially any mentioning illegal crimes or harming their family.

Overseas Chinese Leaders


Person in charge: Xu (given name omitted)

  1. Distribute materials criticizing Falun Gong to the Chinese community, help overseas Chinese people hold seminars to slander Falun Gong, hold press conferences or release statements, and so on. Facilitate overseas Chinese to write to the New South Wales State, local governments, and Congress members to slander Falun Gong. On special occasions, initiate local Chinese go against Falun Gong.

  2. Collect information on Falun Gong through known local Chinese people, especially any mentioning illegal crimes or harming their family.



Person in Charge: Zhang (given name omitted)

  1. If possible, on some special occasions, to stir up overseas Chinese to fight Falun Gong.

  2. Take initiative introducing the [slanderous term omitted] nature of Falun Gong to agencies invested in China, do well with employees in these agencies [means make sure no one practices Falun Gong--note added by translator]

  3. Provide multi-media materials to Chinese-operated agencies.

  4. Collect China-owned agencies' advertising cost information, instruct them the adjust the advertising according to media reactions.

  5. Make these China-owned agencies collect information for us.



Person in Charge: An (given name omitted)

  1. Actively introduce the [slanderous term omitted] nature of Falun Gong to students abroad, and invite them help spread propaganda in their institutions whenever there are any opportunities.

  2. Play criticizing Falun Gong films when playing a movie or video to students abroad.

  3. Provide criticizing Falun Gong materials to all institutions' Chinese Student Association.

  4. Find a few trustworthy students to help us understand the situation.

  5. If possible, on special days (when Falun Gong has activities), deploy students to oppose their actions and fight with them. The students may help local Chinese people make banners and display boards to criticize Falun Gong.


Australian Consulate General in Sydney

February 7, 2001 (end of the first document)


In another document entitled "Special Group Meeting Record" dated February 23, 2001, each division, in its work summary, recorded in detail how each special group implemented its tasks and put them into effect. At the top right corner of the document, Deputy Consul-General Shi marked, "Read!" dated February 26. Consul-General Liao signed the document the same day with "Read" and approved it for all group members to read.


Second Document: Special Group Meeting Record - February 23, 2001



I. The Consulate's bi-weekly report


  1. Consul-General Liao held a dinner banquet with the Governor of the New South Wales State, Vice Governor, Senators, Congress members, Palmerston City Mayor, South Sydney City Mayor, and Adelaide City Mayor and looked for an opportunity to work on Falun Gong.

  2. On February 8, 2001, Deputy Consul-General Shi met with General Manager Wu Chenghuan and Chief Editor Wu Huiquan of the Australian Chinese Daily. Consul Shi expressed his concern about the newspaper running Falun Gong's advertisements. The newspaper representatives expressed that they would carefully take care of this issue and publish articles recommended by us.

  3. We recommended a dozen articles from People's Daily and Xinhua News Agency to the Chinese media.

  4. On February 9, 2001, we contacted the New South Wales Police and expressed concern about Falun Gong hanging a banner on a parked vehicle in front of the Consulate and passing out flyers to people passing by.

  5. On February 10, 2001, according to requests in the letters, we mailed criticizing Falun Gong material to the New South Wales Congressman Kevin Moss (member of the Canterbury) and Strathfield City Mayor Virginia Judge.

  6. On February 16 and 18, 2001, we contacted China News Agency and Xinhua News Agency about the Lion's Club's Declaration, and they both reported accordingly.

  7. On February 20, and 21, 2001, during the New Student Registration days of the New South Wales State University and Sydney University, our Education Group sent people to investigate and did not find any Falun Gong activities. However, several Falun Gong members held booths in Sydney University. We have notified some overseas students to check their personal information.

  8. On February 23, 2001, we displayed criticizing Falun Gong propaganda boards in the Consulate yard.

  9. Met with Chinese person Yao (given name omitted), who is a Christian. He wrote an article from Christian standpoint criticizing Falun Gong, and we are trying to have it published in Australia Daily and Independent Express.

  10. Met with Chinese person Lu (given name omitted), who provided videos and other materials. She promised to write more articles and introduce the [slanderous term omitted] nature of Falun Gong to her friends and neighbors. (Lu wrote criticizing Falun Gong articles before under the pen name Luye.)


II. Tasks to be done in the following two weeks:


  1. On February 24, 2001, Falun Gong held South Sydney "Falun Dafa Day," near Oxford Ave. About 50-60 people attended, posted Falun Dafa and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance banners. They passed out materials, played Falun Gong exercises music, and taught ten westerners the exercises.

  2. Deploy overseas Chinese to write to the New South Wales State government, Congress members, and police. (The three main points are to persuade the Australian government to not co-sponsor the United Nation's Human Rights Resolution against China, to not nominate Li Hongzhi for the Nobel Peace Prize, and to oppose Falun Gong protesting in front of the Consulate.)

  3. Maintain Display Board well.

  4. Make appointments with Congress members who are to be worked on.

  5. Hold overseas student representative's meetings and pass down the work plan. Criticize Falun Gong well.

  6. Further investigation (especially on the Michael and Lin Nonny situation).

  7. Notify journalists to interview elderly overseas Chinese person Yao and invite him to criticize Falun Gong from Christian standpoint.

  8. Invite Canadian celebrity Liang Yancheng to Forum in Sydney, held by the Sydney Presbyterian church. Liang opposes Falun Gong. Perhaps we can invite him to the Consulate to further influence the Presbyterian Church and see if they are willing to criticize Falun Gong.

  9. Deploy overseas Chinese people, China-owned agencies, and overseas students to write to the New South Wales State government, police, and State Foreign Trade Ministry Liaison Office accusing Falun Gong protests in front of the Consulate of interfering with them contacting the Consulate.

  10. Contact the Australia Chinese Community Association about Falun Gong defaming the association. Hopefully, they can react like the Lion's Club did.

  11. Record a complete name list of Falun Gong activists.

  12. Continue playing video criticizing Falun Gong in the Visa Office Hall.

  13. Place a garbage can at the entrance of the Consulate, so visitors can throw Falun Gong materials in.