I'm very proud of an opportunity to work for the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. When the Russian version of the website first originated, I asked the editor to allow me to translate a small article. When I began to translate my first articles, I often referred to a dictionary and was constantly afraid of not doing a good enough job, which would ultimately result in not receiving any more articles to translate. It used to take me 2-3 hours to translate each page, and no matter how many times I reviewed the text, I still made mistakes. I constantly cultivated while doing this work. In three to four months I began feeling the need to translate two articles a week, and a while later, up to three. At that time, I truly began feeling as though I was a small part of the immense task of Fa rectification.

I always wanted to involve as many new translators as possible. I tried to use every opportunity to speak with Russian speaking practitioners about the importance of translations for a Minghui website. I often reminded them that our Master said that with every strike of a key, we destroy evil, as well as the fact that our website is the basis for truth clarification. The website contains righteous articles, and in the past exposed lies reported by the mass media about Falun Gong. Our Master also said that the Minghui website will be left for the future.

With time, new translators from several countries started working on our website, and the coordination of translators in America was delegated to me. When I began to do this work, I did not know whether I would have any time left to do my own translations. Gradually, when the process was set up, I began to translate again. I try to translate 4-5 articles per week.

I would like to note some moments which I find especially important in the work of a coordinator.

On a daily basis, our editors carry out a huge amount of website-related work and are unable to follow the whereabouts of every translated article. I think that it should be done by coordinators of every group. A translated article should not be lost. I do not remove an article from the folder on my computer, until I see it published on a website.

Besides, I think that it is very important for coordinators to treat translators with kindness and respect. I try to communicate not only via e-mail, but also make personal contact, even by phone. We frequently call each other, share our understandings of the Fa, and consult each other regarding our cultivation. The group Fa studies play an important role in the creation of one body. This works very well on the Russian website and yields good results.

I am disturbed by the fact that in my personal cultivation I am still unable to overcome the attachment to feelings. Tears run down my face when I translate stories of the disciples who attended the first lectures of our merciful Master. I feel as if I was there in person, and saw everything with my own eyes. When I translate articles about the persecution, I constrain myself for some time, but frequently there comes the moment when I stop typing, cover my face and begin crying. I understand very well that these are feelings which I want to get rid of, but am not able yet.

Recently, I saw a dream in color. It was one of those you remember down to the smallest detail. There remains a feeling, as though it is not a dream at all. I dreamed that the Ukrainian practitioners came to New York and we all met in a hotel room for discussion. As I was leaving, they tried handing me a piece of tasty homemade gammon (a type of cured meat). I refused to accept it and only agreed to taste a small slice. With disappointment they said to me, "Please take it, you are feeding us every single day!" Although it was just a dream, I realized that they were referring to our translations. The Russian Minghui website is read in many countries where Russian speaking people reside. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of our website. Our articles provide chances for salvation to non-practitioners, and warn evildoers about the heavenly principle, "good is rewarded with good, evil is met with evil."

Although I certainly participate in other projects, like parades, preparation for the Spectacular concerts, etc., translations and coordination certainly always come first.

When I get extremely tired, or it seems as though I simply don't have the strength to sit behind the computer after working a full day, which sometimes lasts 10 hours, I definitely feel the support of our merciful Teacher. During one such moment, I sat in meditation and clearly saw, with my third eye, another dimension, filled with many people. All of them were dressed in spacious clothes, resembling loose robes. Some of them wore crowns on their heads. They sat on a floor, in a semicircle. The room was half dark. I knew that I was there, but didn't actually see myself. With every cell in my body, I felt that these people were intensely waiting for something. Then I saw my own hand, holding a large mug filled with crystal clear water. I handed the mug to the person sitting closest to me. With great caution, he accepted the mug, took a sip and handed it to the one sitting next to him. Judging by the care with which they handed this mug to each other, I understood what these people were so vigorously waiting for. Our translations are not only necessary to the sentient beings in our time-space, but also to those awaiting and hoping for salvation in other time-spaces...

Our Master has given us a chance to save sentient beings! Do not forget about the great opportunities the Internet has to offer. I have experienced on my own the hard work of the translator. Think about how many people can take a look at Minghui, read an article translated by you and be saved!

Sentient beings wait for our crystal clear water!

Thank you all for your attention.