Because of my crime I was sentenced and sent to Wangcun Forced Labor Camp, which is also No. 2 Forced Labor Camp of Shandong Province. I was later transferred to the No. 8 Team, which is where Falun Gong practitioners were detained. I have now been released. After I got home, what I had seen at the forced labor camp, how Falun Gong practitioners were tortured, played over and over in my mind. I couldn't calm down for a while. As a person whose conscience is not completely lost, I'd like to expose how evil criminals from the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp tortured Falun Gong practitioner Wang Zhaohua incited by the camp guards.

In January 2007, criminals Zhang Huchen, Wang Hongtao and Zhan Maogang were each transferred to the No. 8 Team and began to participate in "managing" Falun Gong practitioners. In mid-January, No. 8 guards appointed Zhang Huchen in charge of the Strict Discipline Group. Prior to that, Zhang was well-known for beating people, and since this was the criteria for guards to select the person in charge, he was chosen. Before selection though, they received training at the Strict Discipline Group on how to torture Falun Gong practitioners.

The three thugs united; they were preparing to torture Falun Gong practitioners. Someone said in describing their craziness in beating people, "When Zhang Huchen beats people, he appears ill and we don't dare look at him." Zhang Huchen was always the first to start torturing. He would then get so exhausted that he couldn't carry on. Then the other two thugs continued; they took turns beating people repeatedly. When they beat people, they completely lost their rationality; they beat people violently and inhumanly. They first slapped the practitioner in the face, then punched them in the head, or kick them, or slapped people with leather belts. Wang Baohua, the Deputy Team Leader turned a blind eye to their evil deeds. Moreover, he threatened and swore at the victims.

In February 2007, Political Instructor Sun Fengjun repeatedly gave them many hints due to the great impact of beating Falun Gong practitioners on others. He then asked them to do it secretly and not let anyone hear. Therefore, the thugs used scotch tape to close practitioners' mouths before beginning their brutal torture.

Practitioner Mr. Wang Zhaohua is a resident of Linqu County in Weifang City, Shandong Province. Because he refused to be transformed, evil guards and criminals humiliated, defamed and swore at him. In February, after he was detained at the Strict Discipline Group, three thugs took turns beating Wang without pause. For almost three days, they beat them, and each time it lasted a few hours. The following is only a glimpse of the evil thugs beating people:

On the evening of February 1, three thugs took turns beating Wang Zhaohua.

On the evening of February 5, Wang Hongtao began to beat Wang Zhaohua again because Wang said, "Don't beat me, I am almost the same age as your father." This irritated Wang Hongtao and he shoveled Wang Zhaohua to the ground, stepped on his chest and head, punched him in his face and head, and then kicked him in his head and upper body. Wang was in in so much pain he couldn't stand up for a long time.

On February 15, 19, 21, 25 and 28, three thugs beat Wang Zhaohua. Most of the beatings happened between 10 p.m. and midnight. In order to prevent Wang Zhaohua from shouting, they taped his mouth. The process was such that they stripped his upper body, and then slapped his naked body with wet towels. They put bamboo pieces in between his fingers, squeezed his fingers together tightly and then rotated the bamboo pieces, which caused Mr. Wang Zhaohua pain for many days.

They also copied the torture methods of other guards, such as leaving the windows and doors open to freeze Mr. Wang whom they left naked from the waist up. When they beat people, they first hit their faces, which gave Wang a wounded, swollen and bloody face for a long time. Because it has become second nature for those thugs to beat people, there were traces of him being kicked as well. After they viciously beat people, they would report to guard Sun Fenjun. Sun would reprove Mr. Wang instead of the thugs, and would hang him up by his handcuffs for one to a few days.

On the evening of February 28, the prisoners took turns beating Mr. Wang. Because Wang is small and thin, he couldn't stand this inhuman and violent physical torture. He was beaten while being rolled from one side of the room, or bumped against the walls or bed. The crime lasted a long time, which alerted guard Liu Qichao, who was on duty in the next room. Liu came in and pretended to stop the brutal act. At that time, thug Wang Hongtao not only didn't stop the torturing, in front of Liu Qichao, he punched Wang's left eye. Wang's left eye swelled immediately and he couldn't see anything for over 10 days. They called him "Panda Eye."

Wang's left eye was seriously wounded. The thugs ganged up with the guards and wouldn't let him see a doctor. In order not to let other Falun Gong practitioners learn the truth, they escalated their persecution on Wang. They wouldn't allow him to step out of the Strict Discipline Group when there were people in the hallway. They didn't allow him to get water or use the washroom. He couldn't even get his own meals. He had to get someone else to do it for him.

Guards also deprived Wang of his right to rest. The thugs had the right to torture Wang during his rest time, between 10:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. In this way Wang couldn't go to bed until 2 a.m., but he had to get up at 4:30 a.m.

On March 28, guards appointed Zhan Maogang as the person in charge of the Strict Discipline Class. Within three days after he came on board, he beat Wang twice with Zhang Huchen. On the morning of March 30, during their brutal beating, Zhan Mao fractured Wang's forehead.

In February and March, three of them beat Mr. Wang, including a main assistant Liu Junlong. Every time they beat people, in order not to have their evil deeds exposed, Liu always used his body to block anyone from seeing from the hallway. Sometimes he kicked Wang Zhaohua when they were beating him.

In April, thug Zhan Maogang teamed up with his assistants Xu Guang and Meng Xianhuo and beat Wang many times.

On May 13, because he would not cooperate with them and clean up rooms, Zhan Maogang, Xu Guang, and Meng Xianguo beat him Later, he refused to do any hard labor to resist the persecution and he was taken to Political Instructor Sun Fengjun, who was on duty. Sun ordered Mr. Wang hanged and handcuffed for 24 hours. Xu Guan told others Wang's hands soon turned purple.

The persecution is still going on, however, for the time being, a prominent characteristic of the persecution is that those who are acting out in the open are mostly thugs acting under the evil guards. For the most part, evil guards hide in dark corners and order and manipulate the thugs to do their bidding. From time to time, evil guards pretend to be nice. They sing together in a relaxed way, all the while continuing with their evil deeds in secret.

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