(Clearwisdom.net) While sharing experiences with fellow practitioners, I talked about a few magical phenomena and several supernatural occurrences. After hearing my experiences, fellow practitioners suggested that I write down these stories to bear witness to how miraculous and supernatural Dafa is. Therefore, I now share with fellow practitioners the following miraculous experiences that have occurred during my 10 years of cultivation.

The Power of Righteous Thoughts

In October of 2003 I wanted to produce more truth clarification materials for distribution. I reasoned that if more people received these materials, they would then pass on the message to others as well. I wanted to increase material distribution from 200 packets per day to 300. At this time, I had a thought: the capability of a person is limited and so is a person's endurance. When this notion occurred, I immediately realized that it was an ordinary person's notion. I needed to clear away the interference and closely abide by Teacher's requirements of doing the three things well.

When I first went to distribute the 300 packets of material, Teacher's fashen happily accompanied me and provided protection. I effortlessly finished distributing the 300 packets. On the way home I suddenly realized, " What is a divine being, what is a human being? The state of being human or divine is only one notion apart. If you overcome it by stepping over it, you are divine. If you keep holding on to human notions and understandings to do things, then you are just a human being."

Thereafter, I intensified my efforts in saving sentient beings. This understanding also helped me greatly in my cultivation. When I encountered a tribulation, I often reminded myself to quickly put down an ordinary person's notion and to step over the hurdles arranged by Teacher which separates human from divine. No matter how hard it was, I had to overcome it; no matter how difficult the situation was, I could make it. I knew that Teacher had arranged the tribulation according to my individual xinxing level. I also realized that whenever I felt the tribulation was too big to overcome, or when I was stuck in a level for too long and could not improve further, it was actually the time when I was the closest to being divine. Maybe at that time I was just one step away from being divine and all I needed to do was to step over the hurdle.

One afternoon in the spring of 2004 I finished distributing materials in a residential area and I was about to move on to another area. Then I saw a yellowish energy pole about one meter in diameter appear above my head. It was a bit warm, very soothing and comfortable. The energy pole accompanied me as I went upstairs. I even felt that it was pulling me upstairs. It was wonderful! I thought to myself, "I hope everyone who reads the materials I have just distributed in the previous residential area can act like "live media" to spread the messages so that the persecution will end sooner." Once this thought emerged, I saw the energy pole swirling toward the previous residential area and it flew into every apartment that I had just distributed materials to.

In 2004 the authorities began to persecute me very severely and even the watchman at the gate of my building were watching me very closely every day. One day, as I went out to distribute materials, I thought to myself, "I will not let the watchman see me when I return home." When I arrived at the front gate, I found it all dark inside and two electricians were in the process of replacing the light bulbs. I heard them say, "This is really strange. How is it that the light bulbs have exploded?" I was able to get through the gate without the watchman seeing me.

One day in 2004, my son and I went to buy supplies for making truth clarification materials. When we were ready to go home the car would not start. My son called his father at work to ask for help. As they talked over the phone, his father helped him search for possible car problems, but after quite some time they still could not find anything wrong. Then I said, " Let's sit on the ground and send righteous thoughts." After more than 10 minutes of sending righteous thoughts, my son tried once again to start the car. It miraculously started!

A similar situation also occurred late one evening. My husband's car broke down on the road and he was unable to turn the steering wheel to the left. Four hours of investigation and searching did not help solve the problem. I sat in the car and started sending forth righteous thoughts. I sent out the thought, "Let the car recover from malfunction, and let the interfering bad elements be cleared away." Once the thought came out of my mind, the steering wheel was restored to its proper function. My husband was very surprised and I told him, " This is a miracle of Dafa!"

The Energy Field of Dafa Cultivation

One day in 2003, I was talking to a person from the accounting department of a supermarket. After awhile, a fellow practitioner who I had never met before came out of the accounting department office. He said, " I saw a big cluster of blue light floating towards me. I thought to myself, I had not been in this situation for a long time. I turned my head towards the source of the light and then I saw you." Later after talking to this practitioner, I learned that he had lost contact with fellow practitioners after the persecution started. I was able to reconnect this fellow practitioner with the rest of our group and he rejoined the one body of cultivators.

I once stayed overnight at the home of a teenage boy. The next morning, he came out of the washroom and said while feeling his face, "This is really odd. All the pimples on my face disappeared overnight and my face is very clear." He felt this was very miraculous and wondered how it had happened. I told him, "Buddha's light shines everywhere, propriety and righteousness harmonize everything." (Zhuan Falun, 2003 version) This is the power of Dafa!

I had a friend who was on sick leave due to back pain and I went to visit him. While I was talking to him he suddenly said in excitement, "My back is feeling warm! It is becoming warmer and warmer!" Then he asked, "Did you send out energy to cure me?" I told him, "No, I did not. Falun Dafa does not teach us to cure people using our power. However, the energy field carried by a Dafa practitioner can have such an effect on people. People who are in the energy field can benefit, and their bodies can be adjusted." Then I talked to him about Dafa and left him with the beauty of Dafa in his mind.

Above are some of the miraculous events bestowed upon me during my 10 years of cultivation. These are all real occurrences. The Fa of the entire universe is supernatural and miraculous. So many miraculous phenomena are experienced by Dafa practitioners, even in this ordinary world. Fellow practitioners, let us forge ahead with more boldness and vigor in our cultivation!