(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Mao Kaiming, a Falun Gong practitioner from Xichang City, Sichuan Province, passed away on August 20, 2007 at the age of 56. Mao Kaiming was held once in prison and four more times in forced labor camps. Party officials were monitoring and persecuting her even during her last moments on Earth.

Mao Kaiming lived at No. 44 Putixia Street, Temuli Town, Bushi County in Liangshanzhou, Sichuan Province. Falun Gong cured her of semi-paralysis and other illnesses, and restored her energy and positive outlook. Falun Gong gave her a new life, and she was grateful toward Falun Gong and its founder.

Ms Mao explained the wonders of Falun Gong to fellow villagers and told them about the wicked schemes of the Communist Party after the persecution began on July 20, 1999. She was continuously persecuted for the past eight years through illegal arrests, detention, torture and home ransacking.

Below is a partial summary of the persecution and abuse to which Ms. Mao Kaiming was subjected.

Mao Kaiming was first arrested on March 8, 2001, near Jiefang Bridge in Mianning County, Lianshanzhou, Sichuan Province, while she was distributing flyers that clarify the facts about Falun Gong. She was taken to Baishanban Custody Center in Mianning County. Guard Yue Jun interrogated her three times. He slapped her face and the back of her hands, because she refused to reveal the source of the Falun Gong flyers. He also forbade her from washing her face and did not give her any water to drink for seven days. She went on a hunger strike on the second day of detention, and five days later custody center head Gao Yuncai savagely beat her despite her weakened condition. Gao Yuncai shoved her from the bed onto the floor and whipped her with a broomstick more than 20 times. He also slapped her face, kicked her, and hit her with a thick bamboo stick. Six days later, the officials tied her in a chair, then tied the chair to a tree. Three people held her arms while someone gave her an IV infusion. Someone pulled a gun on her, threatening to kill her if she still refused to reveal the source of the Falun Gong materials. The officials interrogated her daily during her hunger strike. They attempted to make her put her arms behind her back and stand straight, to further torture her. She refused to comply and was beaten. Gao Yuncai attempted to make her write a guarantee statement, but she refused. Gao Yuncai forced her to cook, feed the pigs and carry feces in buckets to grow vegetables. Mao Kaiming, a woman of advanced age, was forced to do the amount of work usually assigned to three young men. She was held for about four months and then transferred to the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp in Zizhong, Sichuan Province, where she was held for 18 months.

Officers from the Panzhihua National Security Division arrested her again on September 7, 2002. Ms. Mao tried to stop the police from assaulting other Falun Gong practitioners. Officer Qiu Tianming turned on her and "showered" her with fists and violent kicks. While being held at the Wanyaoshu Detention Center in Panzhihua, she tried to stop the guards from brutally force-feeding other practitioners. The officials pinned her to the ground and put a slipper in her mouth to prevent her from screaming. Officials from the Panzhihua National Security Division wrapped her head in a black bag. The abusers hung her up by her handcuffs behind her back at the Qinyuan Mountain Resort. Her sweat soaked the ground, and she lost consciousness. This hanging-up method was often used to torture Falun Gong practitioners who refused to betray other practitioners. When Mao Kaiming was sent to a forced labor camp for the second time, she developed serious illness symptoms after being tortured at Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp. The camp officials released her on medical parole to avoid having to pay medical expenses and liability. She recovered by doing the exercises and studying the books of Falun Gong.

Five officials from Xichang City National Security Division, including Wang Yongrong, arrested her at her son's home on March 8, 2004, then took her to the National Security Division. 610 Office agents arrested her once more on the evening of March 10, 2004, while she was distributing Falun Gong materials in a residential neighborhood. Officers from Xichang City National Security Division and from Panzhihua National Security Division claimed she had not served her last forced labor term in full. They took her to the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp where she was handcuffed for several months for protesting the mistreatment.

Officers from the Daxing Police Station and from the Xichang City National Security Division broke into Li Xiuying's home in Daxing Township on the afternoon of November 2, 2004, by breaking the lock, and ransacked the home. They arrested three practitioners, including Mao Kaiming, who were visiting Li Xiuying at the time. They sent her to a forced labor camp, but the camp authorities refused to take her because she didn't pass the physical exam.

Eight practitioners from Xichang City including Ms. Mao Kaiming were arrested by National Security agents on May 26, 2005 while they were distributing copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and explaining the facts in remote Leibo County. Mao Kaiming's non-practitioner son Wu Jiang visited her. The National Security agents detained him for two weeks, claiming Falun Gong material was found among the items he brought for Mao Kaiming. The Leibo County Court held a secret trial and illegally sentenced Ms. Mao to three years in prison. She was held at Division 1 of the Yangmahe Town Women's Prison in Jianyang City, Sichuan Province where she was savagely tortured. She persevered in Dafa practice, and never cooperated with the officials' debasing demands.

Mao Kaiming had difficulty breathing and coughed constantly in July and August 2006. Her stomach, hands and feet became swollen, and she could not squat when using the restroom. (Note, most Chinese public facilities do not have Western-style sit-down toilets) She was at times incontinent. The prison authorities sent her back to the Leibo County 610 Office when she was near death, and agents from the 610 Office turned Mao Kaiming over to her son.

Despite her condition, agents from the Leibo County 610 Office forced her son Wu Jiang and his neighbors to write a guarantee statement, to promise they would watch Mao Kaiming's every move. Wu Jiang originally worked as an electric welder in Xichang City, but he lost his job because the National Security agents kept harassing his mother at home. He went to live with a friend and worked in Leibo County, which was far away from Xichang, as he hoped the officials would leave him alone. Nevertheless, officials from the Yangmahe Women's Prison encouraged Leibo County National Security agents to frequently harass him and Mao Kaiming. The family lived in fear and stress. As a result, Mao Kaiming never got a chance to recover.

The Leibo County 610 Office sent Ms. Mao Kaiming to the Xichang National Security Division in August 2007. She passed away at 9:00 p.m. on August 20, 2007.

Persons responsible for the persecution:
Leibo County Police Department: Li Guangming, two male officers and a female officer
Gao, head of Leibo National Security Division: 86-834-8896158
Leibo County Police Department head, Luo Jianxin: 86-834-8822070
Detention center: 86-834-8822079