Nothing Escapes Gods' Eyes

Nowadays, having done some bad things, some people rejoice in the fact that they were not discovered, so they have no misgivings. They do not realize that although other people might be deceived, it is harder to escape the eyes of gods. Anything we do, whether we think it is fine or not, and although others may not know about it, gods already know.

Heaven Will Punish Evildoers

If an evildoer does not succeed, all the more the reason he should not blame others, including Heaven. It is because of the grand mercy Heaven has for him that prevents him from incurring disasters. When you see that an evildoer is often well-satisfied and contented, you should not be envious of him. This is because Heaven may have already given up on him. When he is steeped in karma accumulated from all the bad deeds he has done, Heaven will annihilate him in one fell swoop. If this did not manifest, it would be postponed to his posterity, causing him retribution. If you wait a while, you would naturally witness this in due course.

Good and Evil Will Receive Due Retribution

When some people did something bad and received the death penalty, their children were very prosperous. People then feel odd about this, and think that there is a loophole in the heavenly principles. They hardly realize that for this kind of people, their ancestors have accrued relatively more kind deeds than the cumulated bad deeds, and it would be sufficient for the offender to receive retribution. This would not prevent the descendants from receiving blessings as a result of the accrued benevolent deeds. If someone has done many bad things and still enjoys a happy and peaceful life with abundance, it must be that the blessings his ancestor left behind are about to be exhausted, and Heaven no longer takes pity on him, but rather indulges him, so that he keeps on accumulating more and more wicked things, and ends up in total destruction.