(Clearwisdom.net) On July 25, 2007, in an attempt to arrest practitioner Mr. Zhao Wanying, the officials in Wanquan County, Hebei Province detained his wife, Ms. Huo Zhenhua. The couple's two underage daughters were left at home and they are crying every day.

From July 23-25, 2007, more than 40 practitioners' homes were illegally searched. The newly-appointed director of the Public Security Bureau told his subordinates, "Since arresting criminals is no easy job, we should have no problem catching Falun Gong practitioners."

The mayor of Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province, Zheng Xuebi, called a meeting in June and ordered a "strike hard" campaign against Falun Gong. He set up a target number of people to be arrested at both city and county levels. Wanquan, the smallest county in the Zhangjiakou region, was to be the primary focus, with a target mandate of 90 arrests.
On April 23, 2007, officers from the county police station illegally searched Mr. Zhao Wanying's home. Mr. Zhao was not home at the time, and so police detained his wife and daughter for several days. They later held Mr. Zhao's wife, Ms. Huo Huazhen (a non-practitioner), at Zhangjiakou Police Station for more than a month. Ms. Huo was allowed to go home only after she had a serious heart attack.

Ms. Huo Huazhen was extremely weak while trying to recover her health at a relative's home in a village in Wanquan County. In another attempt to arrest Mr. Zhao Wanying, officials took his wife away again on July 25.

Units directly responsible:

Local zip code: 076250

The Wanquan County Public Security Bureau

Director Yang, Gui-Ping, Political and Legal Affairs Committee of Wanquan County: 86-313-4222012 (Office)

Li Fenglou, director of the Wanquan Public Security Bureau: 86-313-4227608, 86-313-4227873, 86-313-4222312 (Office)

Political instructor Zhang Kefeng, Wanquan Public Security Bureau

Lin Bing, head of 610 Office: 86-313-4222045

Wang Qi, associate director of the Wanquan Public Security BureauInterpol Team of Wanquan Public Security Bureau:

Jiang Aiguo, team leader of the National Security Team: 86-313-4221688 (Home), 86-313-868-2823 (Office), 86-13603136126, 86-13191914078 (Cell)

Zhao Xiuhua, deputy leader of the National Security Team: 86-13333036400 (Cell)

Li Yongheng, head of the Wanquan County Police Station: 86-313-4812418 (Office)

Police officers: Qiao Yongji, Cui Xiaogui and Guo Shun