(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I met a practitioner that I hadn't seen in a long time. We shared our experiences and he said that when a machine doesn't work, we should first cultivate ourselves and look for our attachments. Then, the machine will work again. Before, I always thought that a machine is a practitioner's tool; if a practitioner's machine doesn't work, he must have some problems with his xinxing. The old forces will then use it to interfere with him. Our compassionate Master has, therefore, hinted at me- I need to improve.

A few days later, a practitioner asked me to fix his machine. The manifested problem with the machine was that it printed only one sheet when we pressed the key. It could not print continuously. I looked inward from this phenomenon. The machine is passive and full of inertia; I also have this problem. I didn't actively do well on the important things, such as studying the Fa, doing the exercises, cultivating my xinxing, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth. Every morning, I have to have my mom call me to get up to do the exercises as the alarm clock doesn't work on me. When I study the Fa, it looks like a job I have to finish. When I meet with conflicts with other people, I just learn to look inward. During the four times-daily sending forth of righteous thoughts, I always fall asleep.

After finding my problems, I rectified my activities. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the concepts, attachments, and external interferences. Then, I said to the printer in my mind, "You are a tool with which Dafa disciples are saving sentience beings; you and Dafa disciples are one body. We are doing the most sacred things in the universe. No matter what problems I have, the old forces are not qualified to interfere with Dafa disciples saving of sentient beings. Master's Fa can clean me; you cannot recognize the old forces' interference either. Master will strengthen us; we should resist the external interference." When the time of sending forth righteous thoughts is at hand, I add one thought: eliminate, clear and destroy all the evil CCP factors, dark minions, rotten demons, that block Dafa disciples to save sentience beings, interferences with the printer, including everything, with nothing left out.

After sending righteous thoughts, I came to the house of the practitioner who was using the machine. The practitioner turned on the printer and it worked normally. My understanding is that the change is the representation of Dafa in human society. When the machine doesn't work, the reason is that I should cultivate myself better.

This is just my simple understanding. If it is not right, please correct me.