(Clearwisdom.net) Jinshantun is a small community in Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, with a population of around 50,000 people. Ever since the Communist Party started persecuting Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, the district government and local police have illegally arrested whomever they regard as "important" practitioners on so-called "sensitive days." They incarcerate the practitioners in a brainwashing center. No fewer than 100 people were detained during three and a half months. More than 50 people were sent to labor camp(s). Twenty people were imprisoned and held in labor camps three times. Practitioners Lu Chenglin, Li Changsheng, Zhang Shuhua and Zhu Xiuqing died as a result of persecution. Practitioner Wang Xinchun was disabled, and Shi Yinghua suffered a mental collapse. More than 100 practitioners were harassed and persecuted in different ways. The police routinely take the practitioners' Ids and Falun Gong books and ransack their homes. They take personal belongings such as recorders, DVD players, cassette players, and computers, among other things. More than 90 people had between 500 and 5,000 yuan extorted from them in the form of "bail" and "fines."

Practitioners detained in the police department conference room

Several hundred practitioners were doing the Falun Gong exercises in Jinshan Park on July 1, 1999. A group of police officers led by Zhang Xinguo, then head of the Politics and Security Section of the police department, suddenly attacked. They took Falun Gong banners, cassette player(s) and other items. The police said there were too many practitioners in the park, which hindered them from celebrating Party Day [the day when the Chinese Communist Party was first established]. The park is a public facility where people go to relax and exercise, but the Party decided to monopolize it.

Practitioners Wang Zhiqian, Qin Yueming and several others went to the police department to explain the facts, and they asked for the return of the Falun Gong flyers. Zhang Xinguo tried to deceive the practitioners, saying, "Falun Gong is good. I want to learn it, too." In fact, Zhang headed the persecution in the Jinshantun area and has received retribution for his evildoing. After this incident, the police followed orders from the central Communist regime by sending officers to Falun Gong practice sites and obtaining personal information about the volunteer assistants in preparation for the full-scale persecution.

The Party launched a nationwide persecution, a brutal onslaught against innocent followers of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" on July 20, 1999. Jinshantun District government officials and police department agents mobilized all available manpower. There was an ominous presence of police cars at all major thoroughfares, bus stations, and train stations. Police officers confiscated Falun Gong books, materials, recorders, and related items from practitioners' homes, schools, and transit centers, and they monitored "important" practitioners [most likely volunteer assistants]. The entire district was shrouded in terror. Practitioners who personally had benefited from the practice were shocked by the lies broadcast on Central China Television (CCTV), so they decided to tell the officials about the wonders of Falun Gong. Many practitioners traveled to Beijing on the first day of the persecution. They walked through the mountains and along the railways to avoid the police and eventually made it to Beijing.

Other practitioners had a different experience. Police intercepted them at train stations on their way to Beijing. They were taken to the police department where the police took their IDs and Falun Gong books. Some practitioners were handcuffed, and some were subjected to corporal abuse. They were interrogated overnight and taken to a conference room the following morning. Practitioners who arrived in Beijing were arrested. Some were taken to the same conference room at the police department. The district government and local police harassed all the practitioners whose names were on their list. More than 100 practitioners' homes were ransacked. The police took their books and identification cards and compelled the practitioners to apply for permission for "a leave of absence" whenever they left the district.

Persevering practitioners, both women and men, were subjected to a brainwashing session in the conference room. They were made to watch slanderous videos that CCTV had produced, followed by rounds of interrogation. At night they sat on icy stools, and their families were forbidden from sending them quilts. The police monitored the practitioners around the clock, even following them to the restroom. They also deprived the practitioners of sleep. Practitioner Ms. Zhu Xiuqing developed inflammation of the mammary glands and a high fever, but the police refused to release her. As a result, her condition worsened. She was later diagnosed with terminal stage breast cancer. The authorities then finally let her go home, although they continued monitoring her. Her husband was arrested many times for his belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. Ms. Zhu Xiuqing passed away in 2003 after living in extreme terror for four years.

Persons responsible for these incidents of persecution: Lu Zhichao, former district Party Committee Secretary; Sun Hongxi, district head; Huang Guoshun, head of the Politics and Law Committee; Fan Yuguo, acting chief of the police department; Meng Xianhua, Wang Fugui, and Zhang Qingdi, deputy heads of the police department; Zhang Xinguo, former head of Politics and Security Section; Xiao Jingyu, deputy section head; and He Jindong, member of the Politics and Security Section.

Other officials at the district government and police department were also involved in the persecution.

Lu Chenglin died as a result of persecution, Shi Yinghua suffered a mental collapse, many others incarcerated

Practitioner Wang Zhiqian went to the police department in mid October 1999 to explain the facts of Falun Gong and request the return of the Falun Gong books and others things taken from his home on July 22, 1999. The police detained him. They also followed and arrested several practitioners who were having a chat and took them to Jinshantun Detention Center.

Other practitioners in the area learned about the arrests. Approximately 40 of them appealed at the district government on October 18, 1999. They stood in several rows, quietly waiting outside the government building. Practitioners Qin Yueming, Lu Chenglin, and Zhu Chengxin went to talk to the officials and requested the release of the detained practitioners. The officials responded by dispatching police cars and a large group of officers who surrounded the petitioning practitioners and forced them into police cars. Practitioner Wang Jinzhi was shoved around, went into convulsions, and lost consciousness.

The police held the practitioners in the conference room and interrogated them. They deprived the practitioners of sleep and prohibited their families from sending clothes, bedding, or food. They prohibited the practitioners from talking to each other and made them sit on cold stools. Deputy police chief Meng Xianhua went into the room at 9:00 p.m. and screamed at and threatened the practitioners. He knocked practitioner Lu Chenglin to the floor and punched him until his face was black and blue. He also forced the practitioners to take unknown drugs. A group of officers including Meng Xianhua and Zhang Xinguo went to the conference room in the middle of the night and read from detention warrants. Then they took practitioners Qin Yueming, Lu Chenglin, and Zhu Chengxin to Jinshantun Detention Center.

The practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest the violence. The police feared the consequences and lied to the practitioners saying, "Go ahead and eat. If you eat, high-ranking officials will come and give you an explanation." Instead, officials from the district government, the procuratorate, and the court took the practitioners to a conference room at the district government compound. It was filled with judicial, justice, and police officers. Several police officers and government officials stood behind each practitioner to prevent him or her from speaking out. The police walked handcuffed practitioners Wang Zhiqian, Qin Yueming, and Zhu Chengxin into the room. A judicial official announced the verdict. The practitioners were falsely convicted of "disrupting the social order and inciting a riot." Wang Zhiqian and Qin Yueming were sentenced to three years of forced labor, and Zhu Chengxin and Lu Chenglin were sentenced to 18 months of forced labor. All were sent to Yichun Forced Labor Camp. Lu Chenglin later died as a result of being tortured in the labor camp.

After announcing the sentences, the police took the appealing practitioners to the police department, the procuratorate, and the court to be detained. Practitioners of both genders were locked in the same room for more than a month, during which their families were not allowed to visit them. They were given two steamed buns and salted vegetables in the morning and evening and some rice for lunch. Their food was worth about six yuan but they were charged 12 yuan each.

The district Party Committee ordered the police to harass practitioners who didn't go to appeal. Some practitioners were held at their job sites, and some were held at residential committee headquarters. The perpetrators tried to coerce each practitioner to write a guarantee statement and slander Falun Gong on TV. Practitioner Shi Yinghua who worked at the Jinshan Forest Farm persevered in her belief. Her superiors took her to the police department and subsequently to Jinshantun Detention Center, where she was savagely tortured until she had a mental collapse. She still has not yet completely recovered from the physical and mental trauma.

Jiang Jinglin, head of the Legal Section, tried to make the practitioners attack Falun Gong's founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi. The practitioners refused. Jiang Jinglin vulgarly slandered Mr. Li. He died from a cerebral hemorrhage in 2003.

A group of practitioners was held at various detention centers in Yichun City. Four practitioners including Zhen Hongjun and Wang Liwen were held for more than three months. Former Politics and Security Section head Zhang Zingguo and deputy head Xiao detained the practitioners overnight in the conference room at the police department and wrote a release warrant. However, the next day they wrote a detention warrant and sent the practitioners to a detention center. The practitioners were charged with "disrupting the social order" and sentenced to one year of forced labor. They were held in Jiamusi Labor Camp.

During the appeal on October 18, 1999, practitioners made tremendous sacrifices in order to dispel the lies. Practitioner Lu Chenglin died as a result of torture, Shi Yinghua suffered a mental collapse, many practitioners were sent to labor camps, and many more were "illegally detained."

The following agencies participated in the persecution:
the district government, the court, the procuratorate, the street administration committee, Jinshan Forest Farm

Persons responsible for the persecution:
Lu Zhichao, district head; Sun Honxi, former district Party Committee secretary; Huang Guoshun, head of the Politics and Law Committee; Fan Yuguo, acting chief of the police department; Meng Xianhua and Wang Fugui, deputy police chiefs; Zhang Xingguo, former head of te Politics and Security Section; Xiao Jingyu, deputy section head; He Jindong, political official; Tao Ying, head of the Preliminary Trial Section; Shen, detention center deputy head.

Former Politics and Security head Zhang Xinguo extorted more than 30,000 yuan from practitioners. He embezzled two months of practitioner Wang Yanping's salary, amounting to approximately 1,000 yuan, when the practitioner was sent to a forced labor camp for the first time. When Zhang went back at the end of the month, trying to get more money, Wang Yanping's salary was already frozen. Wang Yanping's family asked Zhang Xinguo to return the money many times but he refused. Zhang Xinguo has since been convicted of embezzlement.

Another round of arrests

Officials from the district Party Committee and police department arrested practitioners on April 8, 2000, of the lunar calendar, considered to be a "sensitive day," the birthday of the founder of Falun Gong. They detained the practitioners to prevent them from going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.

Fendou Police Station head Kong Fanbin and political head Zhong Fazhu (female) ordered police officers to arrest more than 20 practitioners at 3:00 a.m. and take them to the police station. Practitioner Zhang Xiuling used the restroom once and wanted to use it again. Police followed her the first time. Political head Zhong Fazhu refused to let her use the restroom a second time. Instead, she took Zhang Xiuling to another room and beat her until her head swelled and her eyes became bloodshot. After Zhong Fazhu was exhausted, she and several police officers ransacked Zhang Xiuling's home and confiscated Falun Gong books. They used the existence of the Falun Gong books as an excuse to hold Ms. Zhang at the Jinshantun Detention Center for more than three months. Zhong Fazhu also extorted 500 yuan from Zhang Xiuling's father before releasing her.

Party officials headed by Gao Qingguo from the Jinshan Forest Farm took practitioners that work on the farm to the office and held them there. Practitioner Dong Hui and another practitioner were taken to Jinshan Police Department where officer Yu Guoxiang interrogated them. Both practitioners remained determined in their beliefs. Yu Guoxiang started punching their heads and faces. He beat them to the floor, and the violence continued for more than one hour. The practitioners' faces were swollen, their eyes were bloodshot, and some of their hair was pulled out. Practitioner Dong Hui was menstruating at the time and suffered from excessive bleeding due to the gross abuse. The police incarcerated both practitioners in Jinshantun Detention Center. The detention center authorities did now allow practitioners' families to send them anything. Ms. Dong Hui asked guard Li Jun for toilet paper. She refused to provide any and insulted Ms. Dong. Dong Hui bled continuously for three months. She was released after the police had extorted a 500 yuan "guarantee fee" from her family.

About 20 practitioners were held in the detention center, and about 40 practitioners were held in at the police department conference room. Each practitioner was fined 500-2,000 yuan. The officials harassed other practitioners at their homes and extorted money from them. Officials from the practitioners' job sites and from the residential committees were assigned to keep them under surveillance. Former head of the Politics and Security Section Zhang Xin, Politics and Security Section deputy head Xia Jingyu, and section member He Jindong interrogated the practitioners. Meng Xianhua, deputy police department chief, ordered that very small portions of food be given to the practitioners. Only a bowl of dumpling soup twice a day was provided, and they were charged 10 yuan per day for the food. The practitioners were physically abused and mentally tormented during their three months of detention. They became emaciated and weak and were released after they held a hunger strike.

The police monitored the 40 practitioners in the police department conference room around the clock and followed them when they ate, washed themselves, and used the restroom. The practitioners were given food worth about five yuan but were charged twice that amount.

Agencies responsible for this persecution:
The district government, the police department, the detention center, Jinshan Forest Farm, Dakunlun Forest Farm

Persons responsible for this persecution:
Meng Xianhua, deputy police chief; Zhang Xinguo, former head of the Politics and Security Section; Xiao Jingyu, deputy head of the Politics and Security Section; He Jindong, member of the Politics and Security Section; Kong Fanbin, head of Fendou Police Station; Zhong Fazhu, political head; Gao Qingguo, former head of Jinshan Forest Farm; Yu Guoxiang, officer at Jinshan Police Department; Li Jun, administrative clerk at the detention center; Lu Zhichao, district head; Sun Hongxi, district Party Committee secretary; Huang Guoshun, head of Politics and Law Committee

Goodness is rewarded and evildoing is punished. Guard Niu Lijun, who persecuted Falun Gong practitioners was sentenced to prison in 2003 for hitting an inmate. He is serving his sentence at home.

14-year-old girl tortured in prison

Jinshantun District government officials ordered the police to arrest practitioners again in early April 2002. About 20 practitioners that distributed Falun Gong flyers were arrested. The arrested practitioners included Qin Yueming, Wang Liwen, Zhu Chengxin, Jia Shuying, Fu Guichun, Li Changsheng, Lu Xiuqin, Wang Jibin, Zhang Xiuling, Wang Yanping, Chen Feng, and Yue Yangjun. They were held at various detention centers in Yichun City.

Police chief Cui Yuzhong, deputy police chiefs Dong Delin and Zhang Qingdi, and 610 Office head Meng Xianhua ordered officials from the Criminal Police Division, the Patrol Police Division, the Politics and Security Section, and the detention center to beat the practitioners. They threatened and tortured the practitioners, and some officials hung the practitioners upside-down and put lit cigarettes in their nostrils. Practitioner Zhu Chengxin's chest was black and blue from being tied with a rope. Practitioner Qin Yueming could not walk after the abusive treatment.

Practitioner Mr. Qin Yueming's 14-year-old daughter was frightened and cried when the police tried to take her father away. She grabbed her father's clothes and would not let him go. Kang Kai and Qi You from the Politics and Security Section knocked the girl to the ground. Kang Kai kicked her head and face. They took the girl to the police department and interrogated her regarding the source of the Falun Gong flyers that her father was handing out. Kang Kai and Qi You deprived her of sleep that evening and made her stand all night. They took turns questioning her. They intimidated, verbally assaulted, humiliated, and physically attacked her. They later sent her to the detention center. Kang Kai and Qi You tied her with a rope and hit her head and face with their hands, which made her dizzy. Her face became swollen and disfigured, and large bumps covered her head.

The guards knew it was against the law to detain a teenager for 30 days, so Kang Kai and Qi You wrote "18 years old" in the detention warrant and forced the girl to sign it.

This was the most severe persecution so far. The perpetrators sentenced Qin Yueming and Wang Liwen to ten years in prison on fabricated charges. Ms. Fu Guichun was sentenced to eight years and was forced to have an abortion during her detention. The other practitioners were sentenced to prison terms of between three and five years. About ten practitioners were taken to Jiamusi Prison, the Heilongjiang Women's Prison, and to the Heilongjiang Drug Rehabilitation Center.

Persons responsible for this persecution include: Li Hong, district Party Committee secretary; Wang Liguang, district head; Zhang Jicai, deputy district head; Han Xiujuan, deputy Party secretary; Cui Yuzhong, police chief; Dong Delin and Zhang Qingdi, deputy police chiefs; Meng Xianhua, 610 Office head; Zhang Xinguo, head of the Politics and Security Section; Xiao Jingyu, deputy section head; Li Zhongxin, former head of the Tuanjie Police Station; Liu Shuan, police officer; Kong Fanbin, head of the Fendou Police Station; Wang Xi, deputy police chief; Li Ziyi, deputy head of the Patrol Police Division; Huo Shiwei, an official from the Criminal Police Division; detention center head Gu Bingyi; and Fenggou Police Station head Ming Changchun.

Persons who physically assaulted the practitioners:
Kang Kai, Qi You, Luo Yutian, Luo Youcai, He Feng, Wang Shoumin, Ye Yan, Jiang Hai, and all members of the former Criminal Police Division.

Other persecution facts

Practitioner Zhen Hongli and her father were arrested in June 2001 when the police found Falun Gong flyers at their home. They were held at the Jinshantun Detention Center. Guard Niu Lijun beat and kicked Zhen Hongli's father until his body was covered with injuries. He also tortured Zhen Hongli until she suffered a mental collapse. Even now she still talks incoherently. Zhen Hongli's family appealed for justice for her many times but their pleas were ignored.

Practitioner Wang Zhiqian from the Jinshantun District was arrested at 2:00 a.m. on September 23, 2005. Participating in the arrest were two police officers and Xiao Jingyu from the 610 Office. Deputy police chief Dong Delin arrived later. He jumped over the wall into Wang Zhiqian's yard, beat and kicked Wang Zhiqian, and arrested him. The men confiscated computer equipment, cell phone(s), and Falun Gong books. They also arrested Wang Zhiqian's son, Wang Bingcheng. Though they released Wang Bingcheng the following day, the 610 Office harassed him a few days later. Wang Bingcheng has gone into exile to avoid further persecution. Wang Zhiqian was tortured at the detention center and was once beaten unconscious. He is currently being held in Suihua Forced Labor Camp. We hope the international community can help rescue him.

Falun Gong practitioners have risked their lives during the past eight years to explain the facts to people. History has recorded everything. People who persecute Falun Gong practitioners out of self-interest should make up for their mistakes by withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations so that they will have bright futures. We publicize the names of the persecutors here in order to warn them: When you have learned the truth, giving up the persecution and doing good deeds is your only way out!