(Clearwisdom.net) At around 6:00 p.m. on January 10, 2007 I went to Ms. Bi Guiying father's home to visit him. A group of policemen were there, ransacking his home. They arrested me and then took me to Xiangyang District Police Department. They also arrested Ms. Bi Guiying. She was visiting her ill father during those days. Ms. Bi Guiying was severely threatened at the police department.

Later on the policemen ransacked Ms. Bi's home. Her husband had passed away a few days earlier. Her son was home alone and was scared and did not dare make a sound. After entering the room, the police savagely ransacked everything. Frightened by the evildoings of the police, her father had a downturn in health. He spent time in a hospital emergency room and spent several thousand Yuan for medical expenses.

Meanwhile, after Ms. Bi and I had been detained at the police department for 40 minutes, we were sent to the Jiamusi City Detention Center in the middle of the night that same day. The detention center guards forced the inmates to do heavy manual labor.

We had to finish processing up to ten thousand toothpicks every day. If we could not finish, they did not let us sleep. I noticed that practitioner Ms. Suo Lijuan had been tied to rings on the hard floor for several days. The inmates took turns to clean up her urine. Ms. Suo was arrested by the police station in Fujin City without any reason. She was severely tortured by the local police. She could not get up for several days.

Ms. Zhang Jingzhi was held at the detention center as well and had previously been sentenced to three years of forced labor. She had been held for over 60 days and was extremely emaciated. Her family could not get any information about her. She had to eat steamed plain corn bread, and the guards always forced her to do manual labor. In addition, she often suffered a relapse of heart disease. Despite this, the guards did not release her.

At that time I had difficulty turning over [when sleeping], a result from two years' persecution in the forced labor camp where I had been tied onto the bricks of the floor for one month. At present I do not have much strength to walk. Despite this, the guards did not release me. When my family knew of my bad health, they worried about me very much. My husband went to the police department several times requesting my release, but they ignored his demand. In the two days before New Year's Day, the policemen extorted several thousand Yuan from my husband and then delivered the money to perpetrator Chen Wanyou. Later on they took me to a suburban police department. When my family came to see me, they even extorted 500 Yuan from my husband for food expenses. Then they released me, after 36 days in detention.

My over seventy-year-old mother worried about me very much and cried all day. My daughter of only a few years of age wanted her mother and could not get food down. They also extorted 9,000 Yuan from Ms. Bi Guiying before releasing her.

Xiangyang District Police Department: 86-454-8229227