(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners have proposed the idea that if we ended the persecution immediately, we would thereby deny sentient beings their final opportunity for salvation. These practitioners contend that the end of the persecution would mean that the Fa-rectification of the human realm had arrived. Some even try to demonstrate the validity of this human notion by seeking supporting evidence in Teacher's lectures.

But does this idea truly originate from the Fa? In some cases practitioners may be using the Fa to hide their own attachments or attempting to validate themselves rather than the Fa.

It should be clear that the salvation of sentient beings is the underlying principle of our work for Dafa. The persecution is the single, greatest obstacle that prevents sentient beings in China from understanding Dafa. Lies, fear, and a party culture that discourages individual thought all stops them from learning the truth and choosing better futures for themselves.

If we have the notion that ordinary people cannot attain salvation without taking a stand on the persecution, isn't this saying that the persecution serves a valid purpose? Is this what our Teacher wants? Are we saying that the old forces did the right thing?

Don't such notions among Dafa disciples actually extend the persecution? How can we free ourselves of the negative influence of such notions? If we cannot recognize the fallacy of this reasoning, our Teacher and righteous gods will not be able to help us. Because of the persecution and its lies, those who came down to the human realm because they believed in the Fa-rectification are instead committing crimes against Dafa and Dafa disciples every second of every minute.

Let us end the persecution immediately and allow the people who came for the Fa to learn the truth and choose their own futures without interference. This is the way things should be. As Dafa disciples who are the only hope for people's salvation, it is our responsibility to put an immediate end to the persecution, and not argue that "it was supposed to happen." If we were as rational in 1999 as we are today and had as good an understanding of the Fa, the evil would not have been able to launch the persecution.

Today we have become more mature and more stable. In order to save sentient beings, let us use our strongest righteous thoughts to immediately end the persecution, fulfill our oaths, and validate the magnificence of Dafa.