(Clearwisdom.net) If we have the hearts to clarify the truth and save sentient beings but do not pay attention to the ways and methods we say things, then sometimes the results will not be good. Here I would like to share my understanding on how we speak when clarifying the truth.

Shortly after the persecution started, when I first clarified the truth, I was often impatient, and I tended to use strong words. This often led others to dislike talking with me. Even so, I always felt that I was right. I complained when they would not accept what I said. Later they pointed out, "It's not that we don't believe you. It's just you always act as if you are the savior of the world and your manner of speaking is so abrasive. Who can tolerate it when someone speaks that way? Even though we believe you, we won't admit it." I am a teacher, so when I speak, I tend to talk as if I am instructing, ordering, or lecturing others. I cannot sense it myself, but it can make others feel uncomfortable. Of course, there are also factors from the evil's interference. After I realized this, when I clarified the truth, I always tried to put myself and others on an equal footing from the perspective of the conversation at hand (this is okay as long as we know that we are cultivators). I tried to talk calmly and compassionately, and tried to inspire their knowing sides. At the same time, I sent forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil factors that were interfering with their knowing the truth. Approaching the matter this way, the results were quite good.

But after a while new problems arose. Some people saw that I was very nice and that when I spoke my tone was very gentle and friendly. So they would purposely say many unrelated things or argue for no reason. In the end, time was wasted and the results were negative. After thinking about it, I found that the people nowadays have very complicated mindsets. Every thought has attachments of selfishness, competitive mentality, self protection, fame, jealousy, etc. For these kinds of people, when our righteous thoughts are not strong enough, our tone can be too soft at times. Then the evil spirits behind them will think that they can take advantage and cause even more interference. It is like we are indulging the evil and letting it persecute people.

As Dafa practitioners, we must be compassionate with sentient beings. However, Dafa is both compassionate and dignified. We cannot just let evil spirits and rotten ghosts distract us from the Fa rectification and from saving sentient beings. We must be very clear and rational on this point. Thus, when I encountered this kind of situation again, I first sent forth strong righteous thoughts, "I will not allow any interference in my effort to save sentient beings. Completely disintegrate all evil spirits, rotten ghosts and bad gods." I tried to ensure that my speaking manner was calm and kind, but at the same time, serious and dignified. Since I am very confident about what I am saying, I should not leave others with any doubts. Using this approach, this kind of interference has become much less. The majority of people see that I am very confident, have lots of evidence and use good reasoning, and that it is really for their own good. They do not argue much and quickly accept it.