(Clearwisdom.net) In Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, besides those who are detained in the brainwashing center in Dongwu Hotel, the following Falun Gong practitioners are still being imprisoned, most probably in Dantu New District Detention Center: Ms. Wu Hezhen, Ms. Gong Jinyu, Ms. Yang Guiying, Ms. Xue Fengzhen, Ms. Zuo Yinai, Ms. Chen Meilan, and Ms. Feng Yunxia. Ms. Yang Guiying and Ms. Xue Fengzhen, both of whom are over 70 years old, have been detained for over two months. The detention center authorities have not allowed their families to visit them. They have even boasted, "We will keep holding brainwashing sessions."

At about 2:00 p.m on May 11, 2007, Ms. Feng Yunxia, Ms. Xue Fengzhen, Ms. Chen Meilan, and Ms. Yang Guiying were studying Zhuan Falun together at Ms. Feng's house. Suddenly, someone pounded on the door. Before they knew it, a gang of police officers broke in. The officers came from different stations, including Gangtong Police Station, Dashikou Police Station, and the 610 Office of Zhenjiang City. After breaking in, the policemen ransacked and videotaped the room and took away Falun Dafa books, materials, and a copy machine. They pulled Ms. Xue up by her hair and slapped her face when she refused to be photographed. In the end, all four practitioners were pulled into two police cars and detained in Gangtong Police Station.

A few days before the incident, practitioner Ms. Zuo Yinai was arrested because she distributed copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in the Dagang area. She was detained in Gangtong Police Station where the officers slapped her face over a dozen times. All five practitioners' personal belongings, including cash and keys, were confiscated, and they were locked up on the top floor of a small private inn without any food or drink and were not allowed to sleep. One policeman yelled at them, "We will not give you anything to eat. We'll just tell your family members to pick up your corpses after you starve to death." The practitioners' relatives eventually located them by calling the emergency phone number "110" for help.

However, the five practitioners were then transferred to a brainwashing center to be "transformed." They were handcuffed and forced to stand facing a wall for a long period of time for not giving up Falun Gong. The practitioners were given a little rice to eat for every meal, but they were not allowed to sleep or take showers. They were monitored for 24 hours every day by three policemen together on one shift. Mr. Xu from Zhenjiang City Police Department turned a tape recorder on and tried to force the practitioners to renounce Falun Gong. The practitioners were detained in a dark, humid room and were later held in the detention center for not giving up the practice.

In the detention center, Chief Ma from Zhenjiang City Police Department ordered the prison doctor to mix unknown drugs into the practitioners' food. The practitioners threw away their meals after they found the crushed drugs in their food. The prison doctor then forced them to take the unknown drugs. Now the three practitioners suffer from constant coughing and bloody noses. The practitioners were forced to sign an agreement to "house arrest" before they were released. They would have been sentenced to forced labor if they had not signed it.

Ms. Zhang Chunhua, 50 years old, was arrested on July 2, 2007. She is probably being detained in Dongwu Hotel Brainwashing Center. On June 30, 2007, police officers Xue Zhongde and two others from Jiuli Street Police Station went to Ms. Zhang's residence to harass her and her family. Two days later, at noon, Xue took six plainclothes officers to her residence and arrested her.

Practitioner Mr. Kong Xianyong was arrested at home during the night in July 2007. A gang of police officers climbed over the wall of Mr. Kong's backyard and arrested him. Mr. Kong has probably been detained at the brainwashing center. Nowadays the police usually either climb over gates and walls or break into residences to arrest practitioners.

The following people are responsible for the above crimes:

Ma Yugen, director of Zhenjiang City Police Department 610 Office: 86-13706108668 (Cell)
Zhu Guoqing, Zhenjiang City Police Department: 86-13906108008 (Cell)
Zhao Shuyou, Zhenjiang City Police Department: 86-13906106872 (Cell)
Qiao Yuechan, director of Jingkou District Public Security Team: 86-13775546699 (Cell)

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