(Clearwisdom.net) I live in a big mountainous county in Hebei Province, with a population of 400,000 to 500,000. Before the persecution began in 1999, there were about 3000 people practicing Falun Gong. Since the persecution began, the majority of them have stepped forward onto the path of Fa-rectification. Many have been going out to distribute materials and clarify the facts.

Stepping out to Clarify the Facts

No matter how severe the persecution is, Falun Gong materials can be seen everywhere. There are posters on walls and electricity poles. Banners with the words "Falun Dafa is good" and other information, as well as drawings of lotus flowers can also be seen everywhere. One edition after another of our materials have been sent to every household. Some practitioners have also traveled to remote villages where there are only a dozen households, distributed materials and clarified the facts personally. People in the mountains are very simple. They willingly accept the information and say, "Thank you very much. Young people here have all moved out, leaving the elderly and less mobile people behind. We knew nothing; yet you are still thinking of us. Thank you very much!" Although they have not received much education, some of them never even went to school, they were very eager to accept our materials after they listened to the facts. Once, because practitioners didn't take enough materials with them, several villagers even unbound the booklet so that each could keep one of the articles. Their simplicity and kindness moved practitioners deeply. Many such touching stories occurred. On the other hand, practitioners also learned a lot of true past cultivation stories from the mountains. These stories enriched practitioners' knowledge and wisdom and enabled them to do better when answering people's questions while clarifying the facts and helping people to with the "Three Withdrawals."

Telling People about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Helping them Quit the CCP

In November 2004, The Epoch Times website published the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and Fa-rectification entered a new era. Practitioners in China began to help Chinese people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) so they can be saved. We started with our relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues, acquaintances, and those whom we had contacts with before. Last spring, we were able to make a breakthrough. On market days, several elderly practitioners often went to the big market or rural fairs to help people to quit the CCP and its three organizations. Their actions greatly surprised practitioners and coordinators who had been very diligent before. They realized how great these elderly practitioners were. They dared to persuade people to quit the CCP openly at a crowded market. Others then decided to catch up.

These several practitioners persisted in going to the market whenever it was market day. More and more practitioners started joining them. Thus, soon a huge righteous field was created. Although the police found out about this activity and arrested some of us, we were not scared off when plainclothes police tried to seize our belongings. More and more of us stepped forward. They not only told the truth at the market, but also in the streets, along the roads, in narrow lanes, and more. During the first six months of last year, practitioners many times talked to all the stall-keepers, street cleaners who clean the streets in the morning, garbage collectors and those who come from other places to sell their merchandise. If you go and ask those people who have been there for a while, you will find that almost all of them have withdrawn from the party. For those who were initially reluctant to withdraw, practitioners patiently talked to them repeatedly. After being approached by different practitioners many times, most of them agreed to withdraw. It was even much easier for those who came from the countryside to withdraw. A very good and righteous field was thus formed.

Practitioners in our county continued to go to the streets to help people with the three withdrawals; some went to surrounding villages. Whenever they met people on the highways or country roads, they clarified the facts and persuaded them to withdraw. They went to various festivals, small towns and villages, and construction sites. Three or four practitioners formed a group, one clarified the facts, one send forth righteous thoughts, one wrote down people's names. Sometimes they successfully helped seven or eight, even a dozen or several dozen people to withdraw. Sometimes workers told them to go further because there were many more people over there. At this time, it was up to that practitioner whether he dared to go any further or not. When they did go further, they found that hundreds of meters of trenches were full of people. What could they do? They thought, "no matter how many people there are, since we've come, we just clarify the facts!" It is really true that however strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is.

Initially. there were people who asked, "How much money will Falun Gong pay us? The CCP pays us so much money for the job we do" and more. Practitioners avoided debating with them. Instead, they incorporated the things they had enlightened to from Dafa, examples from ancient times to the present, from abroad to inside of China, and social phenomena they saw when they clarified the facts. Therefore, they were able to be in control and convince these workers to withdraw. The workers were totally convinced and said, "Thank you very much!"

Last year there was a lot of construction work in our county and practitioners went to all these sites. Some of them took many copies of the Nine Commentaries, DVDs, booklets and other materials. Workers rushed over and grabbed the materials as soon as they arrived. Those who failed to get any became very upset; and practitioners had to go home to fetch more for them. Usually between 70 to 100 sets of the Nine Commentaries, DVDs, booklets and information materials were given out within 30 minutes.

Initially practitioners only distributed materials without trying to persuade them to withdraw. They left quickly after they had distributed all the materials and went back another time to persuade people to withdraw; as it was safer to do it this way. As the workers at these sites came from different places, the materials given to them would be spread very fast to other areas and covered a lot of people.

Last year during the harvest season, practitioners went to farms and threshing grounds to clarify the facts and help people with the three withdrawals. Ninety percent of the people responded positively, saying things like, "Thank you very much! You are really good people!" Once a practitioner went to the second floor in a big shopping center to clarify the facts and help the sales girls with the three withdrawals. After he finished talking to all of them and arrived at the stairs, he met a policeman who said to him, "You have already done your job. When it's time to leave, just leave." The practitioner thanked him for this.

During the winter when the weather was cold, practitioners went to the entrance of villages to help those people who were bathing in the sun with the three withdrawals. Some practitioners didn't even stop during the coldest weather. They went to restaurants, coal bases, repair shops, offices and other shops beside the roads to help people with the three withdrawals. Sometimes things went very smoothly and they were able to help half of the people in the whole street to withdraw. Of course there were people who refused and pushed practitioners out into the street and cursed them. However, people seldom reported practitioners to the police.

Practitioners usually studied the Fa from eight to ten at night and sent forth righteous thoughts every hour. In the morning they read Minghui Weekly or Teacher's new articles. Some have recited the Fa twice or three times. They go out to clarify the facts in the morning or afternoon for half a day or two to three hours. They persist in doing this every day and never stop. They help at least 20 to 30 people to withdraw; sometimes even between 40 and 200 people. Once a practitioner went to a family member's funeral. He helped more than 150 people to withdraw at one go. There were many practitioners like him.

Practitioners in the countryside are very diligent too. Apart from taking care of household responsibilities and working on the farm, they visit their neighbors in the village everyday. As they know the villagers quite well, they started with those who were relatively easy to convince. They tried not to be caught up in a dead end conversation in the very beginning. For those who were relatively harder to convince, practitioners tried to talked to them several more times. Usually they would agree to withdraw after that. One practitioner succeeded in helping several hundred families to withdraw in the entire village, including the cadres. There was also a village which once had more than a dozen people practicing Falun Gong. After the persecution started, some of them stopped practicing; some moved to the cites. Only two remained in the village. They needed to labor on the land, as well as help new practitioners with Fa study. However, they worked together and successfully helped hundreds of families in the village to withdraw. Many practitioners in the countryside successfully helped 70 to 80 percent of their fellow villages to withdraw. Some practitioners went to other villages to visit their friends and helped people to withdraw on their way. The effect was very good.

However, there are still many things which we haven't done well. We will continue to try hard to do the three things well as required by Master.