(Clearwisdom.net) Most cultivators have correct understandings about sickness karma and the symptoms of sickness. When our bodies show various "sickness" symptoms, as long as we can see ourselves as cultivators, that state will soon pass. We are also not afraid of sickness, as fearing and worrying about sickness is an improper state of mind for a practitioner. However, if we are not afraid sickness, does it mean that we can have improper hygiene? Can we arbitrarily cease caring for our bodies? The answer is "no." Then under the evil persecution, we should not be afraid of the persecution, for fear is seeking. But not being afraid of the persecution does not mean that we do not need to be mindful of security. This is the same reasoning. Then what exactly are the evils afraid of?

Many practitioners, in their articles, talk about the police being afraid of taking responsibility for practitioner's deaths, especially when we have strong righteous thoughts and withstand their evil acts. As a result, some have halted their beatings and chosen not to continue with their tortures. While I am touched by practitioners' righteous thoughts and righteous actions, I am also concerned about some practitioners who have not physically experienced the persecution, or who have physically experienced the persecution but do not have clear understandings about it. I am concerned that those practitioners have formed the notions: "The police are afraid of taking responsibility, the authorities are afraid when we risk our lives to protest." I personally think such notions are very dangerous. They can lead us to wrong understandings about righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Instead of looking within, they can lead us to do just the opposite.

In my personal experience and understanding, the evilness of the old forces, the Chinese Communist Party and the evil henchmen under the control of the old forces have no bottom line, no self-discipline. We cannot pin our hopes of ending so many persecution cases on their sense of responsibility or self-discipline, or on their fear, even though some of these people still have some humanity left.

From reading more of Teacher's Fa and from countless bloody lessons, we should come to understand what the evil fears most is the fact that when we have Teacher and Fa in our hearts, we are not afraid of living or dying. (When we have strong righteous thoughts, we are in that state.) They fear most when you have no attachments and no loopholes. Even though they want to persecute you, they do not have the courage, nor do they have the capability, because at that time we ourselves are as great as gods--we have a strong righteous field. In addition we have protection from Teacher, who treasures us the most.

So, fellow practitioners, please remember that only we ourselves can stop the persecution. We coexist with Teacher and the Fa, and only our solid, diamond-like determination to strive forward diligently can end this persecution. We can never rely on the evil's fear of taking responsibility or others, as that is a symptom demonstrated in the human world according to everyday people's standards.