(Clearwisdom.net) Police from the Public Security Bureau in Changshang County, Hunan Province, arrested Dafa practitioner Mr. Yin Fuliang, who was living a homeless life to avoid further persecution, on July 10, 2007. He has been detained at the Custodial Station in Changshang County since then. Yin was sent to forced labor camp twice and became homeless in 2006.

Yin's seventy-year-old mother, Luo Qiuhua, was so worried that she couldn't eat or sleep. She couldn't understand why being a good person was so hard in this world or why her son was being persecuted for believing in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. She was even more worried for her son's safety and health because the police tortured him in 2001.

Forty-year-old Mr. Yin Fuliang came from Chaling County, Hunan Province. He was assigned to work in the Fifth Bureau of the China Construction Company in Changshang after he graduated from the university. He worked hard, was ready to help others, and won respect and praise from his boss and colleagues. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Consequently, he was dismissed from his job, and his house permit in Changshang was cancelled, so he had to register his residence in his hometown of Chaling County. His wife was fervently coerced into divorcing him.

Though facing such ill treatment, he never gave up his belief. He strongly believes that this righteous Fa is good for society and that Dafa's name will be one day be cleared. He is very determined in his cultivation and continues clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to people he meets.

Mr. Yin was sent to a forced labor camp in February 2001 and February 2004, and was detained at the Xinkai Forced Labor Camp in Changshang City, where he was physically and mentally tortured. In February 2005, he was released, and officials from the 610 Office in Lushui Town, Chaling County often came to harass him. As a result, he left home one year later. He was recently arrested again.

His mother suffers from severe arthritis in her legs and is not able to look after herself. She is not able to go to Changshang to see her son in person. She is hoping that people with conscience will step forward to help him so that he can be released soon.

Related Personnel and Organizations who Participated in Persecuting Mr. Yin:

Public Security Bureau of Changshang County
Address: No. 1 Wangxian Road, Xingsha County Town, Changshang County, Hunan Province
Post Code: 410100
Office Phone: 86-731-4015000, 86-731-4015004
Fax: 86-731-4015117

Hu Zhiguo, director, Party secretary: 86-731-4015001 (Office), 86-731-5567878 (Home), 86-13907318450 (Cell)
Xiao Zhongguo, deputy Party secretary, political commissar: 86-731-4015002 (Office), 86-731-4015208 (Home), 86-13707492809 (Cell)
Zhong Digang, deputy director, deputy Party secretary: 86-731-4015008 (Office), 86-731-4015108 (Home), 86-13974937049 (Cell)
Lin Songbai, deputy director, committee member of the Party: 86-731-4015006 (Office), 86-731-4015088 (Home), 86-13786111988 (Cell)
Chang Tianjian, deputy director, committee member of the Party: 86-731-4015007 (Office), 86-731-4015118 (Home), 86-13908493628 (Cell)
Song Xiaofeng, deputy director, committee member of the Party: 86-731-4015009 (Office), 86-731-4014289 (Home), 86-13807492638 (Cell)
Han Wei, deputy director, committee member of the Party: 86-731-4015278 (Office), 86-731-4015078 (Home), 86-13807490555 (Cell)
Zhou Liqiang, deputy director, committee member of the Party: 86-731-4015266 (Office), 86-731-4014165 (Home), 86-13974918076 (Cell)
Xiao Xiangqian, deputy political commissar, committee member of the Party: 86-731-4015005 (Office), 86-731-5568896 (Home), 86-13907489677 (Cell)
Luo Junqiang, deputy director, committee member of the Party: 86-731-4015003 (Office), 86-731-4480197 (Home), 86-13975199897 (Cell)
Liu Juanhui, chief of Political Project Department, committee member of the Party: 86-731-4015064 (Office), 86-731-4015060 (Home), 86-13707490616 (Cell)