1. Coordination Should be Based on the Fa

In North America, practitioners usually hold quite a few meetings during the weekends. Discussing Dafa work occupies most of the time during some of the meetings. In some areas, after studying the Fa, practitioners still talk mostly about perfecting techniques to do Dafa work and not about practicing and validating the Fa as a whole. This has something to do with coordinators as well as everyone of us. We are still unclear about how to coordinate effectively.

On Clearwisdom.net, a practitioner from Hebei Province in China wrote an article "Improving My Xinxing Through Coordination Work" on August 16, 2006 (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2007/8/16/88636.html). This practitioner proposed a real issue, "A coordinator shouldn't just coordinate Dafa work. He/she needs to learn the Fa well and improve in order to be able to coordinate based on the Fa. A coordinator needs to look inward when encountering a problem, correct him/herself based on the Fa, and then further help the group to refine and improve as one body. That is true improvement." Everyone of us is a window for clarifying the facts and a coordinator. No matter what we do, when and where, only when we do Dafa work with a clear understanding of the Fa can we make a breakthrough.

2. We Must Avoid Validating One's Self

What is validating one's self? Sometimes when we think we are validating the Fa, we are in fact validating ourselves. Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York":

"If you are validating the Fa, no matter what another person says about you, you won't be affected inside. If someone counters your opinion and you get riled up and don't like it, if when other people raise an opinion opposite yours based on some problem you have or disagree with your opinion and you don't like it, and you stand up to oppose it and argue on your own behalf, and when this leads to your going off topic and not listening to others, [in all such cases] you are--even if you are defending and explaining yourself with the best of intentions--still just validating yourself. That is because you didn't put Dafa first, and at that time the thing that you couldn't let go of most was self."

3. We Should Enlighten Based on the Fa Instead of Pursuing the Third Eye and Supernormal Abilities

Some practitioners can see other dimensions. This causes some other practitioners to depend on those who can see when there are problems by asking them where the problems is. This is totally opposite from what the Fa teaches. Some practitioners even spread among other practitioners what he/she heard from a practitioner who can see things in other dimensions.

When we obtain the Fa, we practice based on enlightenment, on every issue, and we enlighten based on the Fa. Supernormal abilities are byproducts of the practice and means nothing. Being attached to supernormal abilities will cause one to deviate from the right path in the practice. We should not be moved when we see something or when others see something. If what is seen does not enhance our practice, then we should be aware and not be moved by illusions. We only follow Dafa.

Some young practitioners can see into other dimensions. Adult practitioners get curious about what they can see and ask various questions. Sometimes adult practitioners even use these young practitioners to see certain things. This is sabotaging the Fa. The attachment of pursuing the Third Eye will cause them to gain nothing and deviate from the Fa. It also has a bad influence on the young practitioners. Images in different dimensions may overlap. Some young practitioners saw a bad image on a practitioner, but it wasn't the true situation. It was only an overlap of images. If rumors like this spread among practitioners, that would be the same as sabotaging the Fa. Parent practitioners should create a pure environment for young practitioners to practice and not ask them to try to see what they are curious about. Parents should encourage young practitioners to study the Fa and not add any importance to what they can see. Our minds must be righteous and we must be responsible to ourselves and these young practitioners.

Teacher said in the "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference":

"And then there are students who are always interested in supernormal abilities. I let some students see some of the Fa-rectification's situations in different dimensions, with my intention being to increase the students' confidence in validating the Fa, yet some students still can't handle it right, they don't cultivate based on the Fa, and when something happens they even go ask a student who has supernormal abilities to look at things for them, and then they take what's seen as guidance on how to do things related to Dafa and how to cultivate. That's already very dangerous. Who could possibly see the essence of Fa-rectification? And who could possibly explain the states of those who cultivate in Dafa? The manifestations at the extremely low levels aren't the ultimate, true situation. If you don't cultivate based on the Fa, if you don't act according to the Fa, then are you still a Dafa disciple? Whenever something happens you go ask that other person to see what it's about, but what's he seeing? Who could possibly see your ultimate situation? Even your own child can't see it. I've already said that even internally, among Dafa disciples, you aren't allowed to see it. If the true state of your cultivation could be seen, then what would there be for you to cultivate? If you were told, then everything would be solved. It can't be seen! The reason is, at different levels there are different manifestations, and to the beings at a given level the manifestation at that level is the truth, so at each level, at levels upon levels, there are truths. But those are the different manifestations of one thing at different levels, whereas the manifestation of the most fundamental thing is at the top, and when it gets to the end, only then is the most final fundamental thing found. So from which level could you possibly see the ultimate, true situation of a Dafa disciple, the true situation of Fa-rectification, or the true situation of Master? If today you could see the ultimate true situation of Dafa disciples and Master, and the truth of Dafa, then today you're the Lord of this boundless cosmos! Do you see all that? Is everything before your eyes? How could you be so foolish?! I've already talked about this many times in the Fa. Why is it that you just have to be interfered with?"

Only Teacher can see everything clearly. What practitioners can see is nothing, except for those things that help with our cultivation. What we practitioners see is just a manifestation during our cultivation process. Besides, what some practitioners see is a false appearance and they must be extra cautious.