(Clearwisdom.net) In China, quite a few Dafa disciples have been followed by spies from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and their homes have been monitored. At one period of time I was also being followed when I went out or went to work. At first I thought to myself, "I am a cultivator. Have I been acting suspicious?" But after three or four days of observation, I was sure that this person was indeed following me. I also figured out his routine. I understand as a Dafa practitioner, I must align my words and actions according to the Fa, especially during the process of validating the Fa, as it is our responsibility to let more sentient beings know the truth. Spying on a practitioner is a form of persecution. If I want to save him, I must stop him with righteous thoughts.

One day when I went out, the spy followed me again. I stopped suddenly, turned around, and started to walk towards him. He realized that I was walking towards him, so he turned around, quickly walked away, and thus escaped.

The second time, I was more experienced. Out walking, I stopped as if I was buying something. I could sense that he had stopped, too. I then suddenly ran towards him. He was standing still at first, then started to run away quickly. I chased him and he entered a courtyard. I knew this courtyard had no rear exit, so I stopped him and questioned him, "Why are you following me?" I exposed his identity and firmly told him to no longer do this. He kept saying one sentence, "I didn't..."

On another occasion there was a spy monitoring a gate that I have to pass by when I go out. For several days I noticed him watching me. I found out from our local security guard that this person was indeed watching for me. While sending forth righteous thoughts at home, I added one thought, "Eliminate the evil element behind that spy." One day, when I returned through the gate from outside, I walked towards him and asked him about his occupation. He wouldn't answer me. I asked again, and he said it had nothing to do with me. I exposed his identity, but he didn't admit to it. I then said, "You said that you are not a spy, so why are you sitting here every day?" He said that it was not my business. I said, "I am an owner of this property. I have the right to question you for security reasons." By then, quite a number of people had gathered around us. I raised my voice and questioned him, so more people could see him. He didn't know what to say and looked really guilty. Then I told him that I would talk to him again when the residents of this residential area returned from work (meaning when more people would be around). But the very next day, this person who had been monitoring me disappeared.

What I did was based on the following understandings of the Fa:

First, as Dafa disciples validate the Fa, stop the Party's persecution, and help more sentient beings find out the truth, Master has given us a very effective "weapon," that is, to expose the evil. So I directly, and in a timely manner, exposed the person to stop what he was doing. The purpose was to stop him from doing bad things and to save him.

Second, one of the cultivation forms Master has left us is to cultivate in an upright and dignified manner in ordinary society and to be good people who cultivate "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" in everyday society. This is the righteous law of human society and is created by Dafa to rectify anything not righteous. In comparison, the behavior and conduct of a spy is dark and ugly.

Third, some fellow practitioners shared at group Fa study that there were practitioners who dared not go out for nearly a month after being followed by spies. There were also practitioners trying to avoid being followed, spreading gossip among practitioners about how spies usually followed us. My understanding is that exposing the evil is to let the world know and also to let the people who are doing the bad deeds know what they are doing is wrong. Otherwise we are fostering the evil element to some extent.

Fourth, exposing the behavior of spies face to face is to stop their evil deeds and save sentient beings. Because we are human beings cultivating Dafa, our own shortcomings and human attachments are exposed so that we can dig them out from the root. These are excellent opportunities for us to eliminate attachments.