(Clearwisdom.net) The National Security Team in the Haidian District of Beijing planned and directed several arrests of practitioners around July 29, 2007. They arrested practitioners Mr. Zhang Lei and Ms. Sun Yi from the Qinghe area in the Haidian District and took them to Qinghe Detention Center. Mr. Zhang Lei's wife has no job, and the whole family depends on Mr. Zhang's income. Mr. Zhang' wife is expecting a baby in the near future.

In September 2002, Ms. Sun Yi was six months pregnant. Agents from the Haidian District National Security Team and police officers from the Qinghe local police station arrested her husband. Meanwhile, the Second Air Force Research Institute, where her husband was working, forced her to move out of the company-owned apartments. Ms. Sun Yi went everywhere and finally found a place to live. Her baby was born prematurely at eight months and spend a lengthy time in the hospital before being released.

The responsible units:

The Beijing Haidian District National Security Team: 86-10-82519350
The Beijing Public Security Bureau Haidian Division 86-10-82519110
Directors Jin (male) and Zhang Weigang (male) 86-10-82519110
Political instructor Wang Jucheng (male)

The Beijing Haidian District Detention Center
Director Bai Gang (male): 86-10-62902266 x3500 or x3582
Director Zhu Yuchao (male): 86-10-62902266 x3711
Team leader Zhu Feng (male): 86-10-82883420