(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, an article entitled "Let Us End the Persecution Now," written by a US Falun Gong practitioner, was posted on the Minghui website (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom). Many practitioners, especially those from China, realized many problems that had never been considered until now. However, many practitioners still think that if we could do Dafa work with righteous thoughts, the evil wouldn't dare to persecute us and that we should not even consider the existence of the persecution. They think that to consider the existence of the persecution is to accept the persecution. Many of them are still stuck in the mindset of "accomplishing a task" when doing Dafa work, rather than realizing that the purpose of their work is saving sentient beings.

Some practitioners think, "The persecution cannot end now. If the persecution ends the Fa-rectification of the human realm will start and we will lose the precious opportunity to save sentient beings."

Some other practitioners think that it is Master's responsibility to end the persecution, rather than ours.

Those practitioners try to justify their point using Master's article, "What Are Supernormal Abilities." The article states,

"When Dafa has consummated everything amidst the tribulation, all of the evil that persecutes Dafa will end."

Practitioners used these words to "prove" that the persecution cannot be ended "earlier" by our own efforts. They believe that when the immense force of Fa-rectification arrives, the persecution will then end, and only Master will be able to do that.

First of all, I think that this understanding displays some practitioners' impure goals while studying the Fa. (If the attachment cannot be eliminated, the same kind of contradiction--adhering stubbornly to one's own opinions and taking quotes out of the Fa to find excuses--will still happen while we deal with other problems.) A few days ago, a practitioner posted an article on the Minghui website and mentioned that instead of finding words from the Fa to support our ideas, we should find our shortcomings by studying the Fa. Otherwise, any opposition will cause endless fighting, and the final decision will not be settled. In this case, "It's always someone else's fault and they need to change. I am always correct." If we can maintain a pure and reverent mind when studying the Fa, and look within ourselves, any misunderstandings should present opportunities for improvement, rather that fighting.

Secondly, I think that one of the major reasons that the persecution has lasted for eight years is that some practitioners are not striving forward in improving themselves. With the extension of the persecution, many practitioners have gradually accepted its existence. They lack hope or even think that the persecution provides necessary cultivation environments for practitioners and saving sentient beings. This is the real reason the persecution has lasted so long! From an ordinary person's point of view, the evil nature of the CCP is fueling the persecution. However, from a view point beyond ordinary people, the lack of righteous thoughts from practitioners has caused the persecution to continue for so long. It's the result that practitioners have asked for. If practitioners want it, then how could Master stop it? Practitioners' poor xinxing has caused Master many problems. Of course, Master could use other methods. However, the persecution causes sentient beings losses that no one could ever make amends for, and it is apparent that the persecution has blocked the channels for sentient beings to correctly understand Dafa. If Dafa disciples do not want to end the persecution or feel it is hopeless, the losses will keep increasing. Over the eight years of persecution, the negative effects on all sentient beings has been immeasurable.

Dafa disciples are the only hope for sentient beings. Our misunderstandings of the Fa have directly brought about many losses. Fellow practitioners, if you think that saving people goes hand in hand with the persecution, then how could you explain "thoroughly negating the arrangements of the old forces?" Ending the persecution earlier cannot be pursued with human notions. Ordinary people find excuses for everything, but cultivation is serious, and saving sentient beings is serious.