(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr. Ma Zhitang from Jianli County, Jinzhou City, Hubei Province was illegally arrested at his home on four different occasions by local police officers. On July 22, 2007, as a result of such trauma and persecution, Mr. Zhitang passed away due to the recurrence of previous illnesses.

Mr. Ma Zhitang, 60, lived on Erhuan Road in Rongcheng Town, and made a living by selling mechanical parts. He began Falun Dafa cultivation in 1998. Before he started cultivating, for over ten years he had suffered from many diseases, including high blood pressure, heart disease, irregular heart rhythms, and gallstones. He was always short of breath and could not lie down flat. After he began practicing Falun Dafa, all of his diseases miraculously disappeared.

Since the persecution began, Mr. Ma has been illegally arrested multiple times by the Chinese Communist Party, forced to write the three statements, and been illegally fined more than 6,600 yuan without being given receipts. In March 2001, he was arrested and taken to the Jianli County Party School's Brainwashing Center for fifteen days without cause, and was later detained in the Rongcheng Police Station for five days. He was released only after paying an illegal fine of 3,000 "yuan." In 2002, his house was broken into, and after authorities found several truth-clarification materials in his home, he was illegally detained in the First Detention Center of Jianli County for six months, and was released after being forced to pay an additional 3000 yuan. In September 2003, he was again arrested by evil party members and imprisoned in the Jianli County Party School's Brainwashing Center for more than twenty days.

During the first illegal imprisonment, Mr. Ma was prohibited from practicing the exercises or studying the Fa, and his previous diseases recurred. Even though his condition was getting worse, the criminals blocked information about Mr. Ma's health from his family. All of the food and money that Mr. Ma's family brought for him was taken by the corrupt prison guards. Due to the long term persecution, his health deteriorated severely and he passed away unjustly on July 22, 2007. His wife, his 83 year old mother, and a middle-school-aged child are living at his home and are without any source of income.

Mr. Chen Huatang, 75, a practitioner from Bianhe Town, Jianli County, had severe health problems and was told by the hospital that he had only a few months to live. After beginning Falun Dafa cultivation however, his face returned to a youthful, red color, and his hair turned black again. In early 2001, he was illegally imprisoned in the Jianli County Detention Center for several months, and was later sent to the Jianli Party School's Brainwashing Class for two more months. In September 2003, he was again illegally sent to the Jianli County Party School's Brainwashing Center, and was then sent to the Tangxunhu, Hubei Province Brainwashing Center. He was persecuted until his black hair turned white, and he passed away after his previous illnesses recurred.

Jiang Changhong, deputy chief of the Jianli County 610 Office, (86-13339749209 - Cell) has been a constant mastermind and perpetrator in the persecution of Dafa practitioners in Jianli County. He has been involved in the arrests and sentencing of many Dafa practitioners over the past few years. On May 14, 2006, older Dafa practitioner Hu Nianxian, was illegally arrested and taken to the Tangxunhu, Hubei Province Brainwashing Center where he was persecuted to death. Jiang Changhong was the primary coordinator responsible for Mr. Hu's death.