(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Zhou Jingcheng from Ningxiang County, Changsha City, Hunan Province, is still detained in Wangling Jail, You County. He was arrested on January 5, 2006. Police broke her teeth and injured her ears by tearing. He almost lost his hearing. For over a year, he was injected with drugs and force-fed, and now he is in terrible shape, cannot eat or speak, cannot think clearly, and is unable take care of himself.

Mr. Zhou Jingcheng's mother Zhao Xiuzhen is also a Dafa practitioner. She previously had many diseases, which disappeared after he began cultivation. However, since July 20, 1999, the persecution of this family has never ceased, and included searches, detainment, fines, etc. Zhou Jingcheng was sent to labor camp and prison many times, and was persecuted to the brink of death each time. Zhou's mother is in great agony.

Mr. Zhou's mother could no longer bear the severe persecution. She passed away on July 5, 2007. Zhou's 80-year-old father, who sheds tears every day, now has no one to care for him. Zhou Jingcheng is a very responsible son. The persecution, however, prevented him from seeing his mother one last time before her death.

Zhou Jingcheng is now being subjected to forced injections and force-feeding in prison every day. He is very emaciated, his muscles have withered, and his skin loosely hangs on his skeleton. The police are still relentlessly persecuting Zhou.

Mr. Zhou Jingcheng has been subjected to torture for his belief in Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance.

Contact information of the persecutors:

Ningxiang County 610 Office: 86-731-7891610
610 Office chief, Liu Shiqiang: 86-13507443199 (Cell)
Ningxiang State Security Unit chief, Zeng Ninghan: 86-13974955229 (Cell)
Deputy chief Xie Pinghui: 86-13975188858 (Cell)
Hunan Jail Administration office: 86-731-4592718, 86-731-4592720
You County Wangling Jail deputy director: Xu Biran
Jail Politics Office, Luo: 86-733-4806025
No. 1 Jail Unit leaders, Yan Jianbo, Tan Zhengrong, Xie Bo: 86-731-4806030
Hospital deputy chief, Yan Yan: 86-733-4806266

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