(Clearwisdom.net) Sometimes experiences sharing articles written by practitioners contain words or sentences about how practitioners who produce truth-clarifying materials have ignored danger and risked their lives. I have some personal opinions about this that I would like to share, as I don't know whether they are right or wrong.

I understood that the three things Dafa disciples do are mainly for stopping the persecution and rescuing sentient beings. Everyone knows that these things are the most righteous and the best things to do. But during the past eight years, Dafa disciples have encountered the severe persecution due to arrangements that the old forces have imposed on us. This type of persecution is wrong, and Master does not acknowledge it. Practitioners should also completely deny it. But do our minds actually hold correct thoughts at all times? I also heard some similar discussions from fellow practitioners. They think that those practitioners who are in charge of producing truth clarification materials are working hard, and it is not easy. Their tone of voice and facial expressions revealed a trace of human admiration and envy toward those practitioners.

We are all Master's disciples, and everyone is trying their best to validate Dafa and rescue people. There should not be any difference in terms of who does more or less, or who does the difficult jobs or the easy ones. The difference is simply in how much effort each person puts in, how much devotion one has, and how well they did on their tasks. I think that Master knows, and we know as well. We are all cultivators. As we rescue sentient beings in the human world we need to continue eliminating all kinds of human notions and attachments.

But if everyone has such thoughts, that fellow practitioners who produce materials risk their lives, isn't this acknowledging the persecution? Doesn't this unintentionally increase the pressure on fellow practitioners? I previously thought that way too, but later I realized this was incorrect. Now, when such a thought emerges I immediately eliminate it and deny the old forces' arrangements. We must only follow the path Master has arranged for us. In the meantime, we need to use righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that interferes with Dafa or persecutes Dafa disciples who work at the Dafa materials production sites.

This is my personal understanding. I appreciate fellow practitioners kindly pointing out any shortcomings.