(Clearwisdom.net) In March 2002, practitioners in Changchun City, Jilin Province, successfully broadcast the truth about the staged "Self-Immolation Incident on Tiananmen Square" on television. The broadcast let the people in Changchun City have an opportunity to learn the facts. Practitioners who participated in the broadcasting were arrested and persecuted, however, and some of them even lost their lives. A few officers that participated in persecuting the practitioners have received retribution. Some cases are described below.

The Guest House facility in the Jingyuetan National Forest in Changchun City, Jilin Province, was where the acts of persecution were carried out. The house was owned by the Personnel Department of Changchun City. Wang Dianrong (male), the general manager of the Guest House, offered the place to the National Security Brigade and arranged to have Guest House employees serve the security officers. He did this to win favorable treatment from the top city officials. The officers would cover practitioners' heads and take them to the basement for interrogation. They kept 200 watt lights on 24 hours a day. Practitioners to be interrogated were tied to a high iron chair. Their screams from being tortured could be clearly heard. There were people over 70 years old and babies not even a year old. They were taken to Changchun City Dadingzi Mountain Forced Labor Camp after interrogation. One time, the police car got into an accident on the way to the forced labor camp. The brigade captain died at the scene and a few other officers were injured.

One morning in April 2002, on a winding road, the Guest House service bus, driven by the general manager, Wang Dianrong, passed another car. Right after he turned a corner, he crashed into a big bus coming from the other direction. The front of the car went right underneath the bus. Wang's legs were injured and the accident cut off 50 centimeters of his small intestine. It took a year for him to recover and his aspirations to be reassigned to the national security office also fell through.

August 8, 2007