Master Is by My Side

I know an elderly Falun Dafa practitioner who believes in Master and the Fa. Her rock-solid mind resolved various dangers during her truth-clarifying efforts. She often said: "No matter how well we do, the numerous sentient beings saved through us, the staggering amount of truth-clarifying materials we may have distributed, and how much we have done, these are all that we Falun Dafa disciples ought to do. In fact we cannot do anything ourselves, as everything is done by Master and the Fa. We just conform to the Fa."

On one occasion while she was distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Falun Gong truth-clarification fliers to the people in the market, a plainclothes policeman saw her. The policeman ran towards her shouting loudly, "How dare you distribute Falun Gong materials here! Do you know that I'm in charge of this area?" At that moment, the people there who understood the truth, as some of them had taken the materials, stepped up and stopped him. An old man said to the practitioner, "You better leave now as this person is a government official." This practitioner was very calm in her mind. She thought, "Oh, you evil beings in other dimensions, don't you know that my Master is by my side? Your capabilities cannot even match my Master's one look." Then she said to the old man, "Don't worry, my Master gave me capabilities. I have supernormal capabilities and I won't let him do evil. I'll make him back off now." Then she started to recite Master's Fa-rectification verses in her mind and silently directed him to back off. This plainclothes policeman staggered and walking backwards said, "You go, go in a hurry."

Since then whenever she would go to the market to distribute the truth-clarifying materials, the people there would say, "This old woman comes again. She practices Falun Gong. Her Master has given her supernormal abilities. We are thankful that she always comes here to give us materials." People come and go in the market and so she always finds new people in need of truth-clarification. All year round she would frequent this market to save sentient beings.

We Must Not Miss Any Opportunity to Clarify the Truth

One day, an elderly practitioner was correcting certain characters in a Falun Dafa book at her home. All of a sudden, a hefty, tall man entered her home and looked around. The practitioner's first thought was that he was from the police substation. She then had a thought, "Don't be afraid." Then, she immediately asked Master to protect her.

The practitioner asked this person what he was doing there. He was a school principal and since one member of his family was sick, he was looking for a melon as the trigger of a traditional herbal remedy. He took out dozens of yuan to buy the small black melon hanging on her wall. She immediately said, "I will give it to you for free. This melon is not worth much. Since I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner, I cannot make profit in this way." Then she clarified the truth to him. She also asked him to always remember that "Falun Dafa is good." The principal was very happy and found a piece of paper to write his statement of quitting the CCP. After that the phone rang, and he left.

The practitioner enlightened to the fact that looking for the melon was not this person's real goal, but that it was Master who always guided people with predestined relationships to Falun Dafa practitioners. The rest of the matter is to see whether we practitioners can put down the notions that people have, get rid of the attachment of fear, see through the false appearances and become divine beings.

We must make good use of the time to save sentient beings and not miss any opportunity. We must help the people in the world understand the truth quickly and be saved.

August 3, 2007