(Clearwisdom.net) Masanjia Forced Labor Camp carried out the cruelest forms of persecution on Falun Gong practitioners from March 31, 2005 to November 15, 2006. The persecution was directed by the Jiang and Luo regime. The Judicial Department of Liaoning Province head of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp Wang Wei, Party Secretary Zhang Mingqiang, chief of Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp Su Jing, political head Wang Naimin (she has since been appointed deputy chief o Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp), chief of the No. 1 Division Li Mingyu (she has since appointed chief of the political working team) connived together to carry out the brutal persecution.

Three episodes of vicious abuse

The first episode:

From March 31, 2005 to February 23, 2006, they separated the steadfast practitioners from "transformed" practitioners. The steadfast practitioners were detained in the No. 1 and No. 2 Divisions, and the "transformed" practitioners were held in the No. 3 Division. Moreover, they transferred some "completely 'transformed'" practitioners from No. 3 Division to monitor the steadfast practitioners. They detained the steadfast practitioners in several rooms and used cellophane paper or newspaper to obstruct the doors and windows. In addition, they did not allow the practitioners to speak or move around. Furthermore, they followed the practitioners everywhere, even to the toilet, in order to prevent them from studying the Fa or doing the exercises.

On March 31, when they separated the practitioners, they dispatched a group of guards to torture them. They savagely beat the practitioners who refused to wear the uniforms issued by the prison. Chen Qiuhong, Li Hong, and Manli were savagely beaten by guard Liu Chunjie (in charge of giving law lessons) and Guo Yunxiu (in charge of giving history lessons). When political head Wang Naimin brainwashed the "transformed" practitioners, she said, "The Minghui website slandered me. All of you know that I never beat or abuse others." However, she often ordered guards to beat the practitioners. For instance, on April 7, 2005, she called on Yu Wen and other guards to handcuff Wang Shuping, Xie Dewen, and Sun Shuxiang together. Then they kicked Xie Dewen and Sun Shuxiang's faces and eyes. Xie Dewen's face was beaten until it was black and blue, and Sun Shuxiang was nearly blind in his right eye. Li Mingyu and deputy chief Xie Chengdong (she was ordered to leave due to her sympathy for the practitioners) hung up Xin Shuhua and shocked her with electric batons. Later they took her to the No. 1 Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, where they incited female inmates to stab her vagina with a wooden stick that was even broken from the beating. Because the practitioners in the No. 5 team protested their brutal torture and the searching of their cells, guards Li Mingyu, Li Wei, and Zhang Lei forced them to stand as a punishment for over one hundred days. The practitioners in the No. 4 team were forced to stand for over a month. In addition, they took the steadfast practitioners to the open room on the freezing west side of the building, where the practitioners lost consciousness for a long period of time due to the cold. When Ms. Ma Liyan was forced to stand, her blood pressure was so high that she passed out and collapsed. Li Mingyu and Li Wei took the small cushions away so that the practitioners had to sit on the cold tile floor in the winter.

On April 20, the practitioners detained in the No. 2 Division sent forth righteous thoughts collectively. Subsequently, Sun Shuxiang was pulled from the cell, and Cui Hong kicked her so severely that her rib(s) were broken. After that they covered her mouth with adhesive tape and then put her in solitary confinement. On August 2, guard Gao Yuntian beat Yuan Shuzhe and kicked Chen Guilan on the right side of her chest. She vomited bloody fluid and coughed for three months. However, they took her to the hospital and examined her stomach instead of her lungs. Chen Guilan was forced to spend 140 yuan for medical charges. They often beat and handcuffed practitioners. In addition, they did not allow them to sleep and took them to the solitary confinement cell to torture them. They also extended practitioners' forced labor terms. The practitioners were forced to eat mildewed corn buns and pickles covered with mouse excrement. The perpetrators did not allow them to drink water. The practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest these atrocities. As a result, they took the practitioners out one by one from the cell, pinned down them on the ground, and stepped on their arms to force-feed them. Li Mingyu sat on Li Baojie to force-feed her, which caused her immediate death. She was only 35 years old. Her family members hired a lawyer to investigate the cause of her death, but Liu Yong did not allow the lawyer to investigate and threatened, "Don't you want to live? Don't you want to continue being a lawyer?" The guards inserted tubes to force-feed the practitioners. As a result, many practitioners' noses and stomachs bled. In the solitary confinement cell, guard Huang Haiyan inserted a tube to force-feed Xie Dewen so that she lost about half a pint of blood. Practitioner Xia was nearly suffocated to death. Finally, the prison doctor used a very cruel method to torture the practitioners: after force-feeding, they fixed a mouth opener in their mouths. As a result, their jawbones became disjointed, their mouths were badly injured and they were covered with blood.

On July 9, Qin Qingfang was tortured to death. They blocked the information about her death and did not allow practitioners to mention it to others. Some practitioners exposed the fact that guard Liu Chunjie beat practitioners, but guard Li Wei said, "Who beat you? Who saw the guards beating you?" One time when they carried a practitioner to the hospital, guard Li Wei beat her on their way. As a result, the practitioner's teeth were broken and fell out. Some guards beat the practitioners and said, "Go right ahead and accuse us if you want to!" Deputy head of the labor camp Zhao Laixi acknowledged that their superiors supported their beating of practitioners and that the beatings were planned in advance.

The second episode:

From February 24, 2006 to August 29, 2006, the perpetrators tried everything they could think of to torture practitioners, but in vain. Therefore, they transferred a group of cruel male guards from the security section, sometimes over 40 of them, to torture 20 to 40 practitioners. Ma Jishan and Liu Yong led the guards to brutally torture the practitioners. They used "torture positions, handcuffing, and beating" and did not allow the practitioners to sleep. They searched everywhere in the cells and replaced the bedding with worn-out ones. They stripped the practitioners of everything except their underwear. In addition, they threatened the steadfast practitioners with prison terms in Dabei Prison or with gunning them down.

Then they tortured them by making them "stand still" and handcuffing them.

On March 1, the practitioners who refused to sit on the plastic bench, were forced to stand still. First, they pulled the practitioners out of the ward and forced them to stand with the tips of their toes touching the wall. If their toes moved from the wall, those in charge brutally kicked the practitioners from behind. Yan Chunjiao's ankle swelled due to Ma Jishan and Zhang Jun kicking her. As a result, she was lame for a long period of time. The practitioners were forced to stand from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. or midnight. On March 24, Liu Yong and other guards persecuted 20 practitioners by making them stand still all day, and did not allow them to eat anything or use the toilet. He did not allow practitioners to sleep, and he told other male guards to watch the woman practitioners and he slept on the bed in the women's cell. This standing still torture lasted nearly three months.

They handcuffed the practitioners at will. At first, they handcuffed the practitioners' hands to the bed all day and did not allow them to sleep. Because Jiang Guiyun, Meng Fanqiu, Sheng Lianying, Zhou Hua, and Wang Manli refused to wear the uniforms issued by the prison, they were handcuffed all day. They handcuffed the practitioners in different postures: one hand on the top and another hand on the bottom, face upward, squatting, behind the back with the hands lifted up, on the ground as an "airplane," hung up on the central heating pipes, with their heads shoved under the bed, and with their arms pulled apart between two beds. Ma Jishan handcuffed Yang Liwei with her arms pulled apart, which resulted in her nearly dying twice. However, when she woke up, they continued to handcuff her.

The evildoers handcuffed Yuan Shuzhe, Yang Liwei, Wang Huinan, Long Shufen, and Yan Chunjiao for over a month. Yuan Shuzhe was handcuffed for over two months, and her coccyx was severely injured. Ma Jishan handcuffed the practitioners and said, "We cannot seize your Master, so we will get revenge on you." Sun Shuxiang's arms were tortured until he developed a hematoma. They often beat practitioners. They shoved Qiu Li and Yuan Shuzhe to the ground and kicked them. Because Sun Shuxiang walked slowly, Li Dongming violently beat her. As a result, she fainted and the guards pulled her away and put the prison uniform on her. When Xu Shiyun looked at Liu Yong, he rushed at her and hit her eyes so that she could not see anything. Twenty practitioners witnessed this beating, but the guards denied it and said that she was not able to see because of high blood pressure. One time Liu Yong beat Chen Guilan on the head many times and savagely kicked her legs so that her legs turned black. He also shoved Long Shufen onto a metal bed. On May 7, he kicked Sun Shuxiang down the corridor, pulled her into the duty room, and then violently beat her on the head. On June 9, he kicked Xin Shuhua on the nose so that the bridge of her nose was badly injured. Moreover, he cruelly kicked Qiu Li, Xin Shuhua, Chen Guilan, and Sun Shuxiang on their backs and heads. Zhang Jun kicked Qiu Li, knocking her down. As a result, her chest turned blue and yellow. Chen Lishan and Jin Min violently beat Wang Manli and Yang Liwei on their faces and heads. Wang Manli was severely injured, and was given injections for a week. Because Shi Guirong and other practitioners did not cooperate with the guards, Li Mingdong pinned her down on the ground, which led to her nose bleeding. The guards were specially trained, so when they beat the victims the wounds did not show on the surface but felt very painful. Guard Liu Yong said, "You are lucky that we do not beat you to death."

The third episode:

The third episode occurred from August 30 to November 15, 2006. In the middle of August, Su Jing returned from a meeting outside. In order to fulfill the "transformation" ratio and because he had been commended, they took back the steadfast practitioners and all the practitioners who were taken to the No.1 Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp. They had collaborators Zhao Yonghua and Yuan Shuzhen try to brainwash the practitioners. The two collaborators used twisted logic to misinterpret Falun Gong teachings and tried to force the practitioner to write the three statements. If the practitioners refused to write, they twisted their hands and handcuffed them or pushed their heads under the bed and handcuffed them there. After a while, the practitioners developed backaches and passed out. As a result, their arms were in pain and could not move. Some practitioners sweat a lot and moaned in pain. If the practitioners refused to write the three statements, the collaborators continued to torture them. Qu Sumei's legs were disabled from torture, and some practitioners were no longer able to walk up the stone stairs of the dining room. Xin Shuhua was nearly tortured to death. She was taken away, and her whereabouts is unknown.

The guards responsible for the persecution:
Su Jing and Li Mingyu aggressively persecuted Falun Gong practitioners and force-fed practitioner Li Baojie to death.
Li Wei (In the middle period, he was transferred out of the camp because the practitioners exposed his vile conduct.)
Liu Chunjie (in charge of giving law lessons)
Guo Yunxiu (in charge of giving history lessons)
Huang Haiyan (received karmic retribution, and developed neck vertebra disease)
Cui Hong (received karmic retribution, and suffered from constant insomnia)
Liu Hui, Chief of the Division (participated in persecuting practitioners and developed gynecological diseases as karmic retribution)
Headquarters of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp: Ma Jishan, Liu Yong, Chen Lishan, Li Mingdong

July 29, 2007