My name is Fan Mingsheng. I am a farmer in Heitai Township, Mishan County, Helongjiang Province. On August 11, 2006, when I was riding a motorcycle with my friend on our way home, we were chased in Errenban Township by the police. They suspected that we were distributing truth clarifying materials. Surprisingly, they began to deliberately hit us with their jeep. On the fourth hit, we were knocked down into a deep ditch by the roadside along with our motorcycle. My friend's right arm was broken, and his right thumb suffered a fracture. My right scapula and right ankle were broken. Later, x-rays showed that six of my ribs and four vertebrae were broken. My chest and lower back were seriously injured. I called my family to tell them that we had been attacked by the police, but when police officer Li Guochen saw what I was doing, he reviled me and confiscated my cellphone. Later, more police came. They put some flyers under our motorcycle to fabricate a scene and took pictures.

The next day when my family and I got there, the scene had already been disturbed, and the motorcycle was gone. The director of the Errenban Township Police Station denied that the police had attacked us. He insisted that we had fallen into the ditch and that the police had saved us. He said that Gao Shitong and Gao Pengfei of the National Security Group of Mishan County would be in charge of the case. That same morning, several police officers went to the hospital to carry out a so-called investigation. When they saw my diagnosis and that of my friend, they dispersed immediately. Only Gao Shitong was left in my sick ward to interrogate me. But he did not write down the details of how the police had struck us. He said, "That doesn't make sense. I'll just record what's useful to us!" When my family went to the Political Security Section to ask for my cellphone and motorcycle back, they responded, "Forget about it, he is a Falun Gong practitioner. No court will take his case."

In the lien certificate they gave me, it said that we had distributed thousands of flyers, that we were core Falun Gong practitioners, and that this was a major case.

I had been sentenced to two years of forced labor, but I never knew for what crime. When I got home, I learned that they had used "disturbing social order." They also claimed that they had found two dozen different Falun Gong flyers and books in my home, but I never had them. I just live a normal life, and I read the book and do the exercises in my spare time. How could I disturb the social order?

Two years later, I was persecuted again, just because I am determined to practice "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." Article 35 of our Constitution guarantees that "citizens of the People's Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, press, assembly, association, procession, demonstration, religious belief..." and so on.

On the way to the hospital, one policeman from Errenban Township Police Station said, "Why didn't we hit them until they were dead?" After the accident they fabricated lots of false evidence so that they need not assume any responsibility. When I recovered a little bit, to prevent me from appealing and disclosing their murderous acts, they attempted to arrest me secretly. My friend was tricked into going to the Political Security Section Detention Center. Presently, his whereabouts are not known. I learned that the person who gave them the order to hit us was Feng Xiaodong, the director of Mishan County Police Department.

Li Gang, the head of National Security Group, wanted to illegally arrest me, so he asked me to come to the Police Department to get my motorcycle. When I did not take the bait, they sent police officers to my home with the excuse of checking the family registration. They also threatened my father. They said he had to tell them my whereabouts or else they would tell my father's employer to stop his wages.

I have a sister in college, a wife to whom I have been married for two years, and a daughter. I do not see how, now that I am almost disabled, I can support them. With my injured body and determined belief, I will appeal level by level, from the municipal government to the provincial government to the central government, until the whole world is aware of how my family and I have been persecuted.

August 8, 2007