In spring of 2006, someone reported practitioner Ms. Bai Jialing to the authorities because she was clarifying the facts to people about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. As a result, she was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor and taken to the Shibalihe Forced Labor Camp in Henan Province. While detained, she suffered from both physical and mental torture. The following are some facts about the persecution she suffered.

1. Ms. Bai was illegally detained at Shibalihe Forced Labor Camp for nine months before she was sentenced. Only after repeated requests did she get a copy of the sentencing document. The delay caused her to miss her appeal date. She was also denied any access to texts related to the law or the right to appeal her case.

2. Only after being detained for four months was Ms. Bai allowed family visits. However, she was not allowed to see her husband because he also practices Falun Gong.

3. Ms. Bai was detained in a small, dark cell for a long time and was closely monitored by prison inmates twenty-four hours a day. She was not allowed any contact with the outside world during this time.

4. After suffering persecution, Ms. Bai was in poor health and emaciated. Although she refused to cooperate, the forced labor camp officials still videotaped her naked twice to use as a propaganda tool to defame Falun Gong practitioners' image.

5. Prison guards instructed prison inmates Guo Yaping and Wang Yingli to use profanity to verbally abuse and slander Ms. Bai and her practice of Falun Gong. When she reported this to the upper officials at the forced labor camp, no one listened to her. Instead, she was beaten when she called out for justice.

Ms. Bai Jialing went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. To punish her, the prison guards and several prison inmates brutally forced-fed her. Some pushed her down and held her to the ground, while others pinched her nose and pried open her mouth with a metal spoon. Guard Wang Yang swore at Ms. Bai, calling her an "animal," and told her that they were "too kind to her." Guard Wang also said that they dealt with practitioner Cai Qiao in the same way. Then they opened the mouth-propping device to its widest position and shoved rice down her throat without giving her time to breathe.

In the hot summer, Ms. Bai was handcuffed and her head was covered with a plastic bag with only the nose and mouth area cut open to allow her to breathe. She was only allowed a little water to drink in the evening. Within two days, her mouth was full of sores.

After just two months of severe torture at the Shibalihe Forced Labor Camp, Ms. Bai Jialing's hair all turned white. Later, whenever the officials went to the forced labor camp to do an inspection, the camp personnel would transfer Ms. Bai to a different room or the balcony where she could not be seen. They did not want her to speak out about the persecution she and other Falun Gong practitioners are suffering.

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