(Clearwisdom.net) At 2 p.m. on October 11, 2006, after Liang Fenyin (female) pointed out practitioner Mr. Yuan Zhiyong to Chen Mingzhi (male), director of the State Security Division of the Leiyang City Police Department in Hunan Province, Chen Mingzhi took Mr. Yuan to the State Security Division building from his office.

During the illegal interrogation, Mr. Yuan refused to cooperate, so Chen handcuffed, kicked, and even clubbed him with a huge stick. As a result, Mr. Yuan sustained many injuries. Mr. Yuan cried out, "The police officer is hitting me!" Chen yelled back, "So what?" He dragged Mr. Yuan to a hallway to hit him repeatedly. Officer Cao Xinhua (male), who was at the same office as Chen, and many other officers in the building witnessed this scene, but nobody stopped him.

At about 7 p.m. that day, Zhang Qiao (male, the political director of the State Security Division), Cao Xinhua, and another officer seized a computer from Mr. Yuan's home without providing the proper papers. When Mr. Yuan's family questioned them about why Mr. Yuan was beaten, Zhang Qiao refused to admit to it.

At about 11:30 p.m. that day, Zhang Qiao, Chen Mingzhi, and Cao Xinhua interrogated Mr. Yuan without gaining information, so they threatened him, saying, "You will make a confession on your own initiative within three days." Afterwards, Mr. Yuan escaped from the officers. Zhang Qiao threatened his family, "If he fails to turn himself in to the police within ten days, we will post an arrest warrant for him on the Internet."

Mr. Yuan's family went to the police department many times to demand they return his computer. However, Zhang Qiao refused to return it under the pretext that it was "evidence," and spared no effort to deny the fact that Mr. Yuan was beaten.

People involved in this persecution case:

Leiyang City 610 Office: 86-734-4346610
Zhang Weilu (male), director of the 610 Office: 86-13007468558 (Cell), 86-734-4355206 (Office), 86-734-4333641 (Home)
Zou Yongning (male), deputy director of the 610 Office: 86-13974747676 (Cell)
Zhong Ming (male): officer at the 610 Office: 86-13170332995 (Cell)
Yang Xianglin (male): 86-13170340741 (Cell)
Zhou Xiaoming (male): 86-13974746198 (Cell)
Liu Hongcheng (male), director of the State Security Division: 86-13017177235 (Cell), 86-734-4332431, ext.6288 (Office)
Liu Zuoqin (male), secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee in Leiyang City: 86-13974711188 (Cell)
Zhang Qiao, political director of the State Security Division
Chen Mingzhi, director of the State Security Division
Cao Xinhua, director of the State Security Division

August 9, 2007