(Clearwisdom.net) One day, when I accidentally met a woman, I had a strange feeling. I thought she might be a police officer or a spy. She initiated a conversation. I only felt compassion for her and did not feel worried for my safety.

When I asked her about her profession she told me she was a police officer. I told her, "I know you are a police officer. I also feel you are not just a common police officer." She was astonished and asked me what made her look different from others. She kept asking me many times. I simply told her it was my intuition. She was surprised. Perhaps she sensed I was different from others. She opened her heart and chatted with me. She told me she was a special agent engaged in technology. After she left the military, she had special professional training and lived a double life. Nobody among her family and good friends knew her special identity. Because of it, she had lived a dark life for many years. She had almost no friends and felt very lonely. She said she wanted to live a normal life, like other women, but she couldn't. She had lived a life of mental agony for a long time.

She told me special agents existed everywhere in China - in the military, in business and many other areas. She said there could be special agents among my friends or colleagues. They lurk in all social corners. It could even be a person who collected garbage, repairs bicycles or sells newspapers. Special agents in the post office examine the parcels with special machines, and any mail related to Falun Gong is intercepted. International mail normally takes four days to arrive at the destination, but the public is told it takes five days. Special agents use the extra day to examine the parcels. They check the date of the parcel as well as the contents. She told me that one should never include money with the letters they mail, because those agents would steal the money.

During the conversation she asked me whether I knew the truth about "Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989. " I told her I saw the CD about it overseas. She told me that what I had seen was only a tiny portion. The military unit she belonged to at that time was personally involved in the killings, which were exceedingly ruthless, unimaginably ruthless. I told her the contents of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Since she joined the evil Party in the military, with her permission, I helped her quit the Party with an alias. She was very happy.

Later on she expressed remorse for having chosen the wrong path and lived a meaningless life. I told her that one should have a belief. Many Chinese didn't know how to live and the purpose of life because of the absence of faith. I clarified the truth to her about Falun Dafa and told her if she kept reciting, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good" and "Falun Dafa is good" she would feel less mental anguish. She agreed to do so. With the emergence of her true nature that longed for truth and goodness, suddenly she looked younger and happier.

Now I recall that I had considered missing letters in China as a quite normal phenomenon.

I am sharing this experience to help more Chinese to realize the evil essence of the CCP. People in China are being monitored every moment, but were and still are unaware. Also I want to warn those who still commit crimes against Dafa: Hurry up, and awaken to the truth! Do not live in a dark corner anymore. Choose a bright future.

August 3, 2007