(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in the Jianghan Plateau of Hubei Province. I'm 62 years old. I began practicing Falun Dafa in the latter part of 1996. I had previously practiced other qigong, but as soon as I started practicing Dafa, I firmly made up my mind: I will make sure to follow Teacher to practice cultivation to the end. Next, I'm going to share my cultivation practice experiences with you.

Persisting in studying the Fa three hours daily

Before cultivation practice, I had a lot of illnesses which prevented me from working and taking care of my children with my whole heart. A problem with bleeding from my womb was my worst disease. No matter how I tried to find the cure, it wouldn't go away. After practicing Dafa, the stubborn illness was gone like a miracle, and I became very energetic. In addition to doing housework, I was able to open a convenience store. I knew these were all benefits from my practicing Dafa. I realized Dafa was very profound, so I was determined to do well in studying the Fa and doing the exercises, and following the Fa principles to walk my path of cultivation practice. Therefore, no matter how busy I was, I would take at least three hours to study the Fa every day. Even though it may last until very late at night, I would finish my Fa-study schedule. I have been persisting in Fa-study this way till today.

With the foundation of the Fa, I could quickly sit in meditation for more than six hours with a sober mind. Sometimes I didn't have time to sleep, but I wasn't sleepy at all the next day. I knew it was because Teacher was encouraging me to practice cultivation.

Breaking Through Attempts to Throw Me in Jail

In 2001, practitioners in my area were using all kinds of method to clarify the facts. One of them was illegally arrested. She couldn't bear the brutal torture and revealed my name. As a result, I was taken into police custody. The detention center police sent someone who had betrayed Dafa to "transform" me. I was confused by her words. For a period of time, I stopped studying the Fa, practicing the exercises or sending forth righteous thoughts in the detention center. As a result, my illnesses came back to me and I had scabies all over my body. I turned old and my hair turned gray. I was in my 50s, but the inmates all said I looked like I was in my 60s. I still didn't understand what was going on. Moreover, I cooperated with the evil and wrote a guarantee statement. My condition became worse and worse by the day.

In the winter of 2002, the authorities illegally put several more practitioners into the detention center. These practitioners had righteous thoughts and righteous actions and resisted the persecution. They persisted in studying the Fa, doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts every day; they clarified the facts to the inmates and the police officers without fear. They persuaded me to follow Teacher's requirements by resuming Fa-study and exercise, and sat down around me to send forth righteous thoughts for me. After they sent forth righteous thoughts for me for the second time, my symptoms improved a lot and I was able to fall asleep at night. I returned to the path of cultivation and resumed memorizing the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts and doing the exercises. I quickly recovered and all the scabies were gone; even the guards and prison doctors were amazed. In the beginning they forbade us to practice, but later on they simply kept silent about it.

The practitioner who revealed my name was put in the same cell with me. She gave up cultivation practice. She was only a little over forty years old, but she was full of illness and became handicapped due to the torture. Since she could not take care of herself, after I recovered, I helped her with everything from fetching water for her, washing her dishes, washing her clothes, applying hot towels to her feet, supporting her to go to the bathroom and sending forth righteous thoughts for her. I helped her almost the entire winter.

In the spring of 2003, the wicked Party issued a notice to "illegally sentence" me to three years in prison. I wrote an article about my personal experiences to validate the Fa and asked the supervisor to mail it to the authorities. At the same time, I intensively sent forth righteous thoughts regarding this matter for as long as six hours sometimes to eliminate the evil. When the trial took place, I denied every single claim in court and "clarified the facts" again and again, and told them, "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!" Also in court, I declared in public that all I had said and done that were not in accordance with Dafa as void and declared that from then on I would firmly believe in Teacher and Dafa, save sentient beings using Dafa, and go home openly and nobly to continue practicing cultivation. The authorities ended the trial in a hurry. They kept me in the detention center for 33 more days before letting me go home.

Stepping Forward, "Clarifying the Facts" and Persuading Others to Quit the Communist Party

With the Fa-rectification pushing forward, clarifying the facts on the street didn't seem to be efficient enough for saving sentient beings on a large scale. Therefore, three of us elderly practitioners discussed things and decided to go to the countryside to clarify the facts. Every day after the global sending forth righteous thoughts, we would bring truth-clarifying materials and go to the countryside to clarify the facts. We worked together so that no matter what kind of person we ran into, we would be able to find the focal point and clarify the facts to him or her. Sometimes, when people understood the truth and accepted the truth-clarification materials we offered to them, they would keep saying, "Thank you!"

From the middle of 2003 to the middle of 2004, the three of us would go out every day, and normally return home for housework before 4 p.m. Therefore, our families were all supportive.

Because we had truth-clarification as the foundation, in the later effort of persuading people to do the "three withdrawals," there are many people in our area that have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Directly Rescuing Practitioners from the Police Station

One day in September 2005, when a practitioner came to my place to pick up the truth-clarification materials and Teacher's articles, he was followed by personnel from the local 610 Office but wasn't aware of it. The 610 Office personnel tried to take both of us away, but I resisted very firmly so they only took that practitioner away. After putting Teacher's articles and the materials in a safe place, I immediately informed several other practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts, and went along with them to the practitioner's home. We informed his family members about his "illegal arrest" and urged the family members to demand his release from the police station. The practitioners and I also went to the police station to clarify the facts and demand his release. The police station authorities saw more and more practitioners coming for that practitioner, so they said, "Just go back home and tell Falun Gong people not to come anymore. We will release him soon." We said, "We won't leave until you have released him." So the police officers released the practitioner and we all went home together.

This concludes the several relatively remarkable things that I have done in my path of cultivation practice.

I know I have many human thoughts and deep-hidden attachments that need to be removed as soon as possible, especially at the present stage, I have been haunted by the "lazy demon," therefore I haven't done well in persuading others to quit the Communist Party. Compared to other practitioners who have been doing well, I am left far behind, not to mention how far I am from Teacher's requirements. But I will face my shortcomings. I know that only by intensified Fa-study, improved understandings on the Fa, and continued upgrading of xinxing can I do the three things better and save more sentient beings.

July 28, 2007