(Clearwisdom.net) When I first started to clarify the truth, I took it as one of the three things Master asked us to do, and that henceforth as a Dafa disciple, I must do it. When I did it well I was happy, though I was unhappy when it was not done well. The fact that I thought I had paid enough attention to truth clarification actually was the result of the sentimentality of an everyday person. I looked at this issue with attachments. I often thought that I wanted to go clarify the truth. I was concerned how much I had clarified the truth. I thought I must take extra precautions because a fellow practitioner encountered complications during truth clarification, and so on. When clarifying the truth, I often spoke from my own perspective instead of the listener's. I was easily influenced by the superficial results of my truth-clarification. I felt everyday people were in the dark and it was very difficult to clarify the truth. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried I could not meet the criteria for a practitioner.

The more truth clarification and Fa study I did the better I realized that the issue originated from my attachment to "self." I realized that my starting point for truth clarification was "me," instead of the audience. This is probably why my truth-clarification has not been very effective.

I was distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party once and had one sincere thought; "All those who have not learned the truth please come; I wish you all to be saved. I must place truth-clarification materials in the cleanest and most noticeable places so that predestined people will come to pick them up." While I was walking around I quickly found the right spot. I requested Master's help to deter any interference. Things went as smoothly as I had hoped. Calmly, and unhurriedly I placed the materials there and then I left the site. It was a location where we had never been able to put truth-clarification materials and now it was finally full of them. People would surely come to pick them up. At that moment I was truly melting into Dafa's immense compassion. All I was thinking about were sentient beings, not myself. I enlightened that when a practitioner is assimilated to Dafa he will have immense compassion and pure actions like a god. Only then can one really have the wisdom and ability to save sentient beings. It is the infinite divine power of Master, and Dafa that is actually saving sentient beings.

At that moment, I clearly understood the significance of truth-clarification. It is the only opportunity at this critical moment of Fa-rectification in the cosmos's history to save people. The truth-clarification materials are not merely books, VCDs, or pamphlets, but the path for sentient beings to walk in the future. It is the choice that sentient beings must make. I began to understand Dafa disciples' responsibility during the Fa-rectification era and the ultimate significance in clarifying the truth. Truth-clarification is not only a part of our cultivation practice, but more importantly it is to save sentient beings and to validate the Fa.

In addition to considering the most appropriate places to put truth-clarification materials, I started to think about what content and format of material are best for various types of people. I also considered when to place the materials and how to make every piece of truth-clarifying material truly effective in saving sentient beings.

Since saving sentient beings is our starting point and the goal of clarifying the truth, everything we do and every step we take in truth-clarification is to that end. Once we have the right starting point and god-like compassion in clarifying the truth, we will be able to save people without being interfered with by various attachments.