(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners Zhang Shuping and Jia Aifang of Baifu Village, Yi County, Laishui, Baoding City, Hebei Province were steadfast in their belief in Falun Dafa. They were persecuted many times by local officers. The following are some facts of the persecution that they have endured.

Ms. Zhang Shuping, a villager from Baifu Village, Gaomo Township, Yi County, is in her fifties. She obtained Dafa in 1998, before which she suffered every day from many kinds of illnesses--tuberculosis, diabetes, inflamed kidneys, myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), and a bone spur, leaving her whole body shaking and her lips purple. Through Fa study and doing the exercises, she eliminated all of her illnesses.

In 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Dafa. In 2000, the CCP opened a brainwashing center in Yi County and tried to force each practitioner to write a so-called guarantee statement. Ms. Zhang would not give up Falun Gong, so she was detained for more than twenty days. It was a busy time with the fall harvest, but she was not allowed to return home to work. Instead, she was forced to pull weeds and clean up the road.

In July 2004, when working in Baoding, Ms. Zhang was arrested by officers of the Baoding Police Branch. Later she was transferred to a detention center in Gaomo Township by chief Li Hongjun of the Yi County Police Branch. She was detained for thirteen days.

In 2004, Ms. Zhang was reported on. Ma Changbao, a policeman in the village police station, grabbed her hair and beat her. He kicked her with leather shoes on and pushed her down to the ground. Later, Li Hongjun, Nan Haitao, and Zhao Delu arrived, grabbed her hair and pushed her into their car. She was then taken to the police station. The officers slapped her on the mouth, making her bleed. Ma Changbao, Nan Haitao, and the chief of the village Yan Fushun went to ransack her home, and they confiscated 400 yuan, a broadcasting device, a camera, and Dafa books. The 70 yuan she carried with her was also confiscated.

In April 2004, Ms. Zhang went back home to harvest wheat. Li Hongjun and another policeman broke into her home, took her to the detention center and fined her 500 yuan. She went on a hunger strike for nine days and was then released. Her son, who was not a practitioner, was also harassed and threatened frequently. They had to leave home. Even when Ms. Zhang's son wanted to get married, the officers would not give him the marriage certificate and Permanent Resident Booklet, and even intended to beat him.

Ms. Jia Aifang lives in Baifu Village, Gaomo Township, Yi County, and is in her twenties. In April 1999, when she had just started to read Zhuan Falun, her gynecological diseases and gallbladder infection were cured. After the persecution started, she gave up practicing and her illnesses returned. She suffered from pains every day caused by her gynecological diseases and no doctor was able to cure her. She decided to practice Falun Gong again, but her mother-in-law and father-in-law were not happy and did not treat her well. Her father-in-law even beat her, not allowing her to use the light during the night. Ms. Jia's husband wanted to get a divorce, to which she did not agree, and he posted a declaration that they were divorced. Their child was about one year old. She was not given custody of the child because she is a Falun Gong practitioner. She also did not receive any property. Ms. Jia lost her child and suffered from divorce at such a young age. She ended up surviving on doing some odd jobs .

In July 2003, one evening Ms. Jia was reported and then arrested by officers of the new Baoding City Police Branch. She was brutally persecuted there. She was forced to stand for a long time and was not allowed to close her eyes or sleep. In the evening, she was forced to stand on the side of the vegetable field to be bitten by mosquitoes. The officers slapped her and kicked her shinbones, and then she was sent to the detention center for a month. Later she was sent to the Balizhuang Forced Labor Camp in Baoding. In the forced labor camp, her hair was cut and she was continuously attacked by inmates, forced to stand, forced to write the so-called "four statements" and do forced labor. She couldn't see clearly due to long-term work and her eyes ached. She became homeless after being released from the forced labor camp and didn't have a permanent residence.

In 2004, at a small restaurant in Laishui, Ms. Jia was recognized as a Falun Gong practitioner because she did not have an ID card. She was arrested by officers of the Laishui Town Police Station but escaped that very night. Wang Fucai and Dai Chunjie deceived her relatives and said that they would release her if they could find her. Her relatives believed them and sent her to Wang Fucai. However, they did not release her and even called someone in Yi County. This person arrived from Yi County, learned what had happened, and was ready to go, but Wang Fucai blocked their car and didn't allow them to go. However, Ms. Jia was then taken to Yi County. She went on a hunger strike in the Yi County Detention Center and was then released.