(Clearwisdom.net) Before practicing Falun Gong I was a lay Buddhist. I'd been going to Buddhist temples for 19 years, yet I always felt that I hadn't found the true Fa after cultivating for so many years. In 1993 a local Falun Dafa practitioner attended Master's lectures when visiting Beijing and after returning told me, "Falun Gong is the best." But I didn't cherish that opportunity.

In the first half of 1994 another practitioner gave me a copy of China Falun Gong. After returning home I read in the "Introduction" the following:

"At first it might sound somewhat mysterious, but for dedicated qigong cultivators, if you can try to be attentive and learn from what you experience, you will discover all the wonders and intricacies it contains." (5th Translation Edition, Updated in July 2006).

At that moment I thought what Master was teaching to be mysterious. I thought maybe I could give it a try.

I taught myself the fifth exercise of Falun Dafa, "Reinforcing Supernatural Powers (Shentong Jiachi Fa)" (5th Translation Edition, Updated in July 2006). I was only sitting in the half-lotus because I didn't know how to sit in the full-lotus. When I started doing the part of the fifth exercise called "Reinforcing Sphere-Shaped Supernatural Powers" (5th Translation Edition, Updated in July 2006), miracles appeared: I saw with my own eyes that my whole body disappeared except for one red heart beating there. This was so marvelous and wonderful. Then I had a thought: I wanted to see clearly what was really going on. But when I opened my eyes I returned to the human world from that wonderful state. I immediately understood that this time I found the true Fa. All that our Master has told us is the true Fa.

Attending Classes in Zhengzhou

On June 11, 1994, I luckily attended Master's classes held in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. My one-year-old granddaughter was with me then. At that time she still needed to drink milk every day. I was also carrying two heavy bags. I was thinking it would be nice if two people could come to help. Then all of sudden two practitioners showed up. One of them had already attended several of Master's lectures. Another one wanted to go with us. I was thinking that this was so miraculous. When my granddaughter saw the practitioner who had followed Master by attending several classes, it seemed as if she had found her savior and insisted on being carried by him, not by me. This was quite strange to me because my granddaughter had never met this practitioner before. This practitioner carried her and walked for two li (1,000 meters). Later on when she saw the Falun emblem, she grabbed it tightly and wouldn't let go. Later, I thought maybe this was because this practitioner had his body cleared personally by our Master. These events made me even more eager to see our Master.

On June 10, I arrived by bus in Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province. I went to Hualong Temple to say goodbye to the nun master whom I used to follow. I said, "Tomorrow I will go to Zhengzhou to study Falun Gong and may not come here any more." She replied, "Please go. Shancai Tongzi also followed many Teachers...." Despite what she said to me, I was still very sad and crying when I left. When I got on the bus, a practitioner from Hankou saw me and asked, "Why are you crying?" I said I used to be a lay Buddhist and now I was going to Zhengzhou to study Falun Gong. She said, "You've now finished high school study and will go to the university. Aren't you happy with that?" After hearing this, I immediately stopped crying. On the night of June 10, the night before Master's classes, it rained very heavily. I thought that if the rain stopped, it meant I was predestined to obtain the Fa. The rain stopped.

We arrived in Zhengzhou before it began to get dark and found a place to spend the night. Though we were very tired, nobody wanted to sleep. The next morning we hurriedly went to the hall where the class would be held. The hall was crowded with people. Everybody was very excited and expecting our Master to come. Suddenly someone was shouting, "Here comes Master!"All the people inside the hall stood up and applauded. Master stopped at the entrance. We looked up at Master as if we saw a family member who we had lost contact with for years. Master dressed in a simple way. He was compassionate and harmonious. Soon Master went up to the platform and signaled for us to sit down. All at once the entire hall became quiet. I sat very near Master. There was less than a meter between us. When Master was speaking, lots of noise came from the microphone. I said to Master, "Stay a little bit further away from the microphone. It will help." Master said to me compassionately, "You may sit down." He didn't move, but there was no noise coming from the microphone any more. How bold I was then.

Master first introduced himself and began to lecture. Our compassionate Master woke me up from this human world with the broad and immense principles. He gave me so much. One day when purifying our bodies Master asked us to stamp our feet. Before stamping, we were to think of an illness (not a major one) that we had. At that time I was thinking of my nearsightedness. Then I heard Master say, if you don't have any illness yourself, you can think of one of your relatives. I thought of the shoulder pains that had affected my father-in-law for many years. Master said to us, "I will count one, two, three. Then we stamp our feet together." When Master counted one, two but not three, many people had already stamped their feet. Master smiled and said, "It would be nice if you could be as diligent as this during your cultivation." When I went back home, I asked my father-in-law, "Are your shoulder pains getting better?" He said, "I do not have the shoulder pains any more. I have suffered from it for years. It is so strange, I do not feel any pain now." Actually, he never felt any pain in his shoulders between 1994 and 2002. During the first three days of lectures, Master purified my body. During that time I vomited and had loose bowels. Many of the other students in our class had the same experiences for the first three days. But afterwards, all of us felt full of energy. The wondrousness and profundity of Dafa is beyond imagination for those who have never personally experienced it.

One day it suddenly turned dark while Master was giving a lecture. It was so dark that you couldn't even see your fingers. All of a sudden rain and hail began to pour down. The rain made very loud sounds when the hail hit the roof. Nobody knew when the hail broke through the tile on the roof near Master's platform. The rain was falling through the hole. Inside the hall you could hear the crying of different animals. It was really scary. We all kept silent. Master eventually stood up from his chair and sat on the table in the full-lotus. Then he moved his hands in big lotus flower gestures. A few minutes later the sky became clear. The sun looked as fresh as in the morning. At this time Master got off the table and went back to his seat. My recollection of what he said is as follows: "The quality of the students of this Zhengzhou class is quite good, but the number of the things that you've brought is also quite big. Do you know what kind of thing that I've done for all of you?" I couldn't understand what Master said, thinking I didn't bring anything with me, not even my granddaughter, even though she had wanted to come.

The next day some students went to the bank of the Yellow River for sightseeing. They saw on each side of the Yellow River that many very big trees were uprooted from the earth. Then we knew that demons had come to disturb Master giving lectures yesterday. Master was eliminating those demons with his big lotus flower hand gestures. He also eliminated all kinds of bad things in other dimensions from students' bodies.

After going back home, I felt Falun Dafa was so good. I went to the temple that I used to go to and told the nuns. It's a pity that they couldn't cherish this precious opportunity which could only appear once in millions of years. Some of them only wanted the Falun emblem but not the book. Others read the book, but they couldn't read with their hearts. I remember once I played the audio tapes of Master's lectures for them, but they did not listen very carefully. Another time several tapes were damaged. Now when I recall this, I understand it was the meddling deities of their religion preventing them from obtaining the Fa. These meddling deities did lots of bad things.

Attending Classes in Guangzhou

In December 1994 I was lucky to attend Master's last class in China, which was held in Guangzhou. Because it was the last class, more people than usual would attend. Even people from Hong Kong, Macao and other countries came. It was exceptionally grand. Even though it was still winter, you could feel spring everywhere. It was just like a festival.

The venue of the class was Guangzhou Stadium. Because of the number of attendees, there were not enough tickets. On the first day there were many people standing outside the hall listening to Master's lectures. Master said there was no difference whether you were inside or outside the hall. The second day many veteran students gave their tickets to the new students. I and the other two people who came with me couldn't get tickets either. Before the class started on the second day, a student came to me and sold me the ticket which I gave to a new disciple. In the afternoon another person sold me a ticket which I again gave to another disciple. Later, a lady came to me and said that there was a qigong class being held elsewhere. She said, "You can go to listen to that class." I replied immediately, "Our Master is giving lectures here. I will not go to your class." Maybe this was to test my xinxing.

On the third morning, I saw Master stepping out of the hotel facing the stadium and coming towards the stadium. At that time I was standing right at the entrance of the stadium. So I put my hands together in Heshi and greeted Master. Master erected his right hand and smiled at me. Soon, another student gave me a ticket. In this class all the disciples advanced very fast. Their xinxing also elevated very fast. There were many disciples who gave their tickets to new students.

One day a disciple staying at a middle school suddenly saw a huge golden and shining Falun in the sky. Over the Falun was a red light. This unusual phenomenon could be seen from many different places in Guangzhou. That same night, disciples staying at a nearby school saw Master's Law Body. When the class ended, I asked three questions. My first question was, "Is a Falun Gong base going to be built?" The second question was, "Since all my children are adults, can I move to the base?" My third question was, "All the sentient beings are suffering too much. Master, please render salvation to more of them." Master answered all of my questions. Now the whole world knows that Falun Dafa is good and there are Falun Dafa disciples all over the world.

After coming back from Guangzhou I cultivated Falun Dafa with undivided attention. I worked very hard to elevate my xinxing. I also went to different places to introduce the Fa to the predestined people and to work with the local assistant center to establish new practice sites. At that time most of those who came to the site advanced miraculously and bathed in Master's infinite grace every day.

After the persecution started on July 20, 1999, I went to Beijing to tell people the facts. I was illegally sentenced to forced labor twice. My house was searched many times and my property was confiscated. I was also fined 10,000 yuan. Yet this illegal persecution cannot change the righteous belief of disciples who truly cultivate. With Master's hints and the understanding of the Fa at different levels, I became more clear-headed, more rational and more steadfast in cultivation. I will surely study the Fa well, do the three things well, help our Master in this human world and return to my original home with Master when attaining enlightenment.